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Ex-King Mswati’s close ally confirms Gaddafi billions, gold hidden in eSwatini

Thursday, 5th December, 2019

MBABANE: Former King Mswati’s close ally Gcina Mtsetfwa has confirmed that billions of US Dollars belonging to the late former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi are indeed hidden in eSwatini as previously reported by a South African newspaper, the Sunday Times.


Mtsetfwa who once worked with the King as a Praise Singer alleged that the billions were hidden underground within the premises of the Central Bank of eSwatini in Matsapha. The ex-king's Praise Singer fled to exile in South Africa after receiving information that a royal command has been issued to kill him for consistently revealing secrets about King Mswati. He then exposed the dealings of the absolute Monarch and former President Jacob Zuma in a recording that was widely circulated on social media. In the recording, he said he was now hunted by the Intelligence of Jacob Zuma as he knows secret dealings between the former SA President and Mswati.

“In South Africa, Jacob Zuma’s intelligence is hunting me on the instruction of royalty as I know where Gaddafi billions are hidden,” he said.

This week, Paul Dlamini, the Chairman of the King’s Advisory Council confirmed to this Swaziland News that as royalty, they have summoned the family of Mtsetfwa to explain why he was consistently revealing ‘secrets’ about the King. However, this was before these developments in the fallout between royalty and the former King’s Praise Singer.

“We have made attempts to address this matter with the Mtsetfwa family. You cannot just speak badly about the King, this is not allowed,” said the Chairman.

Efforts by this Swaziland News to reach the former President’s Spokesperson proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report. But Zuma did respond through his twitter account denying these allegations after the story was reported by the South African newspaper, the Sunday Times. 

“Now I hear that I have been keeping money belonging to my late brother Gaddafi. Where is the money because His Majesty knows nothing about?” he wondered.

Reached for comments, Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane said it was hard to even entertain Gcina Mtsetfwa because he has not provided evidence to prove his claims. 


“We shed good light in no uncertain terms about the alleged Gadaffi loot in Eswatini, when it first emerged, we are not going to repeat ourselves. We challenged the source of this ghost story to send the Press Office evidence but he hasn't, months down the line,” he said.

The Government Spokesperson maintained that they were not prepared to entertain Gcina Mtsetfwa and his present line of thinking saying it would not make sense even to the dumbest imbecile.

Ex-King Mswati’s close ally confirms Gaddafi billions, gold hidden in eSwatini
The late former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi