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Jomo Khumalo murder: Government must capacitate Police Crime Intelligence

Friday, 6th December, 2019

The recent murder of businessman Jomo Khumalo suggests that government should capacitate the Police Crime Intelligence department for an effective gathering of information and or detection of criminal activities before they are executed.

An investigation by its nature is not only meant for prosecution purposes, it also acts as a deterrence measure against impropriety, in this context, to promote, preserve and enhance State security. Every year, government is transferring millions from public coffers claiming it’s for national security, when on the other hand, police are struggling with resources to provide services to the public, where did the money go?


It’s not like we are not aware that our security forces are struggling with resources, but we are respecting the sensitivity that comes with such issues, government should not take advantage and launder money to benefit a few in the name of national security. The effectiveness of the police in investigating and concluding criminal cases remains vital in economic growth because it promotes investor confidence and further maintain peace and stability.

Members of the public who reported death threats like the late Jomo Khumalo should receive services from the police, these threats should be investigated by the Police Crime Intelligence department and appropriate measures should be considered to deal with the cases before the plots are executed. What’s the point of reporting death threats to the police if the law enforcement agency will wait until you are killed before they take action? But then, we shouldn’t shift the entire blame to the police, one of the factors that might promote crime in this country is lack of resources, sometimes officers find themselves using their own money to travel during the course of investigations. Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini as the Minister of Police must address these issues and provide money to capacitate the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) within the police. These are taxpayer’s money and they should be used to strengthen State institutions that provide services to the people not to buy cars for the King.

Furthermore, National Commissioner William Dlamini should consider introducing Police Excellency Awards, where officers who worked diligently will be nominated and be voted for by the public. This should include officers from the CID, General Duty, Traffic, Domestic Violence, only intelligence officers could be awarded privately because of the sensitivity of their job. These awards should go with cash prizes and it would assist the Promotions Committee when recommending officers for promotions with the National Commissioner. It always gives me pleasure when a Traffic Officer professionally informs me that I have committed an offence by over-speeding, I pay the fine with a smile because of the good service.

The demotivation among officers that manifested during the era of Isaac Magagula should be corrected in the interest of the public. Few weeks ago, while driving along one of the country’s roads in the rural areas, I met two police officers who were from the crime scene; I had to offer them a lift to the police station. Then the question is, where did the millions of Emalangeni that were transferred from public coffers in the name of State security go as the police seems to be struggling with cars to execute their public duties? However, despite these challenges, some officers are working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the public, hence the need to recognize their work through the Police Excellency Awards.


 Members of the public and businesspeople may assist by providing resources for these awards, but government should take the lead. There shouldn’t be a gap between the police and the public because the law enforcement agency was established to serve the Nation. 

We don’t want to see the effectiveness of the institution only when they are chasing political activists, but they must deal with crime from all sectors of the society.

In conclusion, let me emphasize that government should consider awarding civil servants including these officers; their Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) how can a hungry officer deal with crime? We are now saying ‘well done’ to the officers who worked on the Jomo Khumalo murder case but there is a possibility that they were working with empty stomachs and limited resources.





Jomo Khumalo murder: Government must capacitate Police Crime Intelligence
National Commissioner of Police William Dlamini