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E230million for King’s jets shelter, no scholarship for University students, what a shame Your Majesty!

Tuesday, 10th November, 2020

King Mswati must be forced through series of protests to provide scholarships for all the qualifying University students, he cannot be allowed to spend E230million just for hangars of his two private jets while the future of children remains at stake.
Perhaps, let me state clearly that this country is in serious trouble because of the King’s greediness, his desire to destroy the education system in this country has escalated to a point whereby, it is becoming difficult to take him seriously as a Head of State, any leader who disregard the significance of investing in education that determines the future and Nation does not deserves respect.
It worth mentioning that those senior royal family members who appointed this corrupt and greed King into the Throne who subsequently became a weapon of mass destruction for this country should be ashamed of themselves even in their graves, King Mswati does not have leadership qualities and a clear development plan for this country, his main mission is to loot resources to sustain his extravagant lifestyle.
On or around November 2019, this Swaziland News reported that about E100million scholarship monies were transferred from the Recovery Account held at Standard Bank to Central Bank of Eswatini and the justification by the Thulani Mkhaliphi, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Labour was that all government funds should be under the same account at the Central Bank, however, he forgot to mention that monies under government automatically become vulnerable to be looted by royalty. Now, twelve months later, government is struggling to pay scholarships despite that some former University students who are employed did their part by paying back the money that amounted to over E100million by November 2019.
One wonders how will this country sustain itself in the next few years in terms of human resource and skills as the education system has been deliberately destroyed by the King. It’s been a painful experience to watch our country being pushed to the donga by royalty particularly King Mswati whom those close to him claims, he loves this country and the people, how can he destroy the future of the youth if he cares about the country.
But then, those who are still singing praises to the King and misleading him that he is a wise leader will suffer as well once all the key institutions have collapsed, there’s absolutely no wisdom in King Mswati, wise leaders are concerned about the future generation, this one wants everything for himself.
The King must use all the taxpayers monies stolen from public coffers and the billions from Tibiyo TakaNgwane to pay for the University students. As a Nation, we must be all be concerned about the future of our children, I don't want to be counted among those who sang praises to the King while he was destroying this country.
It should be noted that if government affords to prepare a budget of E230million just for the King’s jet hangars, this suggests that the money is available just that is it kept exclusively for the extravagant lifestyle of the King.
What does the hangers for the private jets contribute to the economy such that government can decide to deny the youth of this country scholarships just for the lavish lifestyle of the King?
Apart from the scholarship mess, the country is facing a health crisis, there are no drugs in hospitals, people are dying but the King has commanded his government to build a shelter for his jets, can we call this King a wise leader who cares about his people?. The King never cared for this country and its people, all he wants is to loot resources to sustain his lavish lifestyle, government is struggling to pay even school fees for Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVCs) despite that the revenue authority continues to heavily tax the citizens.
As mentioned, I don’t want to be counted among the journalists who sang praises to the King while the evidence is now sufficient that his main mission is to destroy this country, even the great Babylon empire later became history and now, indicators are there that the King’s regime is about to fall.
But the problem started when those who benefit through looting by manipulating the privilege of being close to the King misled him by saying he owns this country and these lies were repeated several times such that he ended up believing that the country and the people are his personal property.
The King does not own country, in fact we must start demanding that he surrenders the Executive powers to the people and allow them to elect their own government because the King’s Cabinet has proven to be pushing the interests of royalty not the people, after all, this is not a government of the people.
In conclusion, let me emphasize that education is a human right hence we expect government and the King to provide scholarships for all the deserving University students, Tibiyo TakaNgwane, a company that was established by our grandparents and subsequently grabbed by royalty to sustain its lavish lifestyle must surrender all the billions to fund education, health and social grants.
E230million for King’s jets shelter, no scholarship for University students, what a shame Your Majesty!
King Mswati