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Ex-Minister Ntuthuko, powerful elite in secret plot to poison Mfomfo Nkambule

Monday, 9th December, 2019

MBABANE: Former Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko has been implicated in a secret conspiracy to poison Mfomfo Nkambule, a well-known critic of the Tinkhundla system of governance.

Nkambule, a former Cabinet Minister is now employed by the Swaziland News as a political analyst, where he has authored series of articles critical of the Monarch and the way this country is governed. It has been disclosed that Nkambule’s articles are perceived by a powerful business elite linked to the royal family as having a potential to create political instability in the country and threatening investments. Speaking to this publication on how he learned of the plot to poison him, Nkambule said he received a call from Ntuthuko Dlamini last week who invited him for a braai at LaMgabhi eBhunya and without suspecting anything, he responded positively and accepted the invitation. It has been disclosed that Nkambule was supposed to be poisoned during the braai as invited by Dlamini.

“Shortly after that call, I was then contacted by someone who enquired if I have been invited by Ntuthuko for a braai and I said yes, she warned that it was a plot to poison me. I think it was God’s intervention because it transpired that Ntuthuko was recording our conversations to prove to those who sent him that he has spoken to me.He then made a mistake in one of the recordings by recording himself saying sesicedzile ngaye lona, sewuvumile kuta (we are done with him). I am not sure who then leaked the audio to social media between Ntuthuko and those he was working with,” he said.

It has been disclosed that among those implicated in the plot to poison Nkambule is a billionaire who is supporting some of Ntuthuko Dlamini’s businesses and is said to have consistently complained that the political uncertainty in this country was a threat to his fortune. In one of the recordings Dlamini pretended to be complaining that royalty was not considering him for political appointments because he was associated with Nkambule’s Inhlava. 

“I know that seeking for a position from the King may result in me suffering from health defects. A good friend of mine once said to me, ‘the position that you seek so much may end up being problematic to you’. I said to him-I was just saying because of the way things are happening, they associate us with political parties like your Inhlava. Truly speaking to you (Mfomfo), have never invited me to join your party.  The way things are happening of late, it leaves one with so many questions than answers,” said Dlamini in a conversation which he recorded.

The former Public Works Minister later joined the fast lane when questioned on the allegations that he was part of a secret plot to poison Nkambule. 

Swaziland News Managing Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini said the matter needs more investigation saying there might be a possibility that Ntuthuko Dlamini’s butchery might have been used to poison more Swazis who are critical with the way the country is governed.

“That’s how they operate, they invite you for lunch or a braai and kill you while smiling. It very unfortunate that in this country you can be killed just for having a different political opinion. We should ask ourselves if it’s safe to buy meat at Ntuthuko’s butchery now,” said the editor. 


Ex-Minister Ntuthuko, powerful elite in secret plot to poison Mfomfo Nkambule
Former Minister Ntuntuko Dlamini