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Reasons why King will resist a political referendum

Monday, 9th December, 2019

What statement would the King be making if he were to allow a referendum on his political powers? On his part he would be coming to terms with reality. He would be admitting that he has been making a terrible mistake by not giving us any role to play in the governance as well as government of this country. He would be saying the load on his shoulders to rule this country has been too much for him alone to bear. 

The King would be saying there is no man under the sun who has monopoly of wisdom. The truth is that Swaziland is part of the modern world and there is no longer any room for an absolute monarch. It would not be surprising for the King to show resistance to the referendum because he has surrounded himself with gangs that are mainly targeting looting of state resources. There would be those who would be quoting the bible trying so hard to convince him to stick to his guns, still hoping to get into the King’s inner circle. If they were to advise him to go for it they would be writing their resignation letters from places of employment. These gangs are dependent on the King for survival unlike you and me who are surviving through the grace of God. 

 The question that we need to think about is should we restrict the results to a simple majority (50+1%)? It would not be responsible of us to allow that as it would be very divisive to the Swazi people.  We also need to look at the constitution of the country. Currently we have none in place, we can’t have a constitution and an absolute monarch existing side by side. There is a need to have a Constitutional Amendment Assembly (CAA) which must be preceded by unbanning of political parties so that Swazis can form political parties of their own choice or join existing ones. We could learn a thing or two from RSA. These guys drafted a constitution and adopted it prior to the first democratic election. It would be important for us to follow this example. We can’t leave everything at the hands of the King because he has shown us to be not trust worthy. We need to have international community to guide us through these turbulent waters to avoid making suicidal mistakes that could take us many years back.

Some people may hold the view that we do not need a kingdom anymore. I am not too sure about that since the history of the Swazi people has been shaped by Kings. How do we throw away that history of this people? This is why it would be helpful to leave it to the people to decide on the matter other than leaving it to a minority made up of the people’s representatives. What I agree with is the assertion that this King should not have any access to the public purse and have no political power. He has brought these changes upon himself. If he had been wise he would have conducted himself in a wise manner.  Some people in other countries are making grand plants for the festive season. Most Swazi government workers are not planning anything because they do not have cash in their pockets. They have had no Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) for over 3 years. Why should they be looking forward to Christmas and New year? Why should they be excited about having a King on the Throne when he cannot side with them when they are facing tough times

Reasons why King will resist a political referendum
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