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Parliament must probe JC State Capture

Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

The allegations suggesting that our country is now captured by powerful forces within the Jesus Calls Worship Centre requires a comprehensive investigation and Parliament remains the legitimate arm of Government to conduct this exercise.

Indeed, there is some evidence that King Mswati is now captured by a religious clique such that he has started to spiritualize political issues and uttering an outright lie saying he received a message from God commanding him to donate E91million to the Global Fund. As a country, we need to be worried when our Head of State starts to spiritualize matters that are purely political, religion is diverse and it has a potential of dividing this country. It is for this reason that while we criticize our King, we should explore measures to rescue him from his alleged capturers because this country belongs to eMaswati and no citizen should be politically victimized because he is not a member of the JC church. 

One wonders why out of all the political thugs in this country, Sive Siyinqaba Chairman became the victim for speaking against the social and political injustice currently manifesting in our land. Is it because he was not a member of the JC church hence police were commanded to be hot on his heels merely for expressing his political views. 

Those who are misleading the King should not regard us as fools, that we cannot see what is happening in this country, we need an investigation that will confirm or clear the allegations of State Capture. Therefore, Members of Parliament (MPs) should as a matter of urgency lobby for a motion for the establishment of a Select Committee to investigate these allegations. The investigation should not be one-sided, currently we have three powerful political syndicates that operate within our political system and these are Sive Siyinqaba ‘Sibahle Sinje’, under the leadership of Marwick Khumalo, the Philani Maswati clique whose leader is Lutfo Dlamini and the JC religious political faction headed by Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini. As an investigative journalist, I am not siding with any of these syndicates that operates like political parties, that’s why I am calling for an investigation to confirm allegations on who has captured our country among these factions. The probe should not be conducted by potential capturers but MPs who are not affiliated to any of these political cliques.

The PM as the Head of Government should be open minded and support the establishment of this Committee to clear these allegations, anyone who will oppose this or refuse to appear before the probe team should be considered guilty of masterminding the alleged State Capture. Furthermore, the PM should stop being emotional when confronted with issues, in politics, there is no ‘romance’ and we will not praise him while the country is burning.

We must learn to be open and speak freely about issues that affect our country, we shouldn’t accuse the JC of capturing the State without substantive evidence and that is where the Parliament Probe Team should come in. This country is going down because we adopted a culture of hypocrisy, we speak about issues in hushed tones because we don’t want to be blacklisted by the powers that be.

State Capture is a very serious allegation suggesting that the affairs of our country might be controlled somewhere and its very important that we tackle this before it manifests to serious social and political injustice.

There is evidence  suggesting that King Mswati is in big trouble, he has even started to spiritualize political matters as the religious clique might be misleading him, he must quickly come to reality and address the problems affecting this country. But the investigation should remain independent in the interest of the country not to settle political scores against members of the JC. The terms of reference should include investigating the names of members of the JC and the other political syndicates who are holding powerful positions in government, the private sector and other governing structures of the country and how they were appointed. It is in the public interest for Swazis to know these people so that we can make conclusions whether our country is captured or not. 

The probe team should not be intimidated in the name of King Mswati because what we want is the truth and only the truth, nothing more. The investigation will also help and rescue the King from his alleged capturers hence he must embrace it. 

In conclusion, let me emphasize that allegations of State Capture are purely political not spiritual, hence, we don’t want anyone who will rush and mislead the King that God is against such investigations, that ‘nonsense’ must stop! 



Parliament must probe JC State Capture
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