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Swaziland News Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini pays tribute to late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini

Monday, 14th December, 2020

The death of Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini shocked me, not only because I knew him personally but because it was hard for me to believe he was really sick because of the dishonest government he was leading. 

Even though one of my duties as a journalist is to criticize government and those in power, I cannot claim to be perfect, the Prime Minister was one of the people who would at times call me and offer some advise, however we would at times differ in opinions as he was in support of Tinkhundla while I believe strongly believe its time the country adopt multi-party democracy.

But then what shocked me about late Prime Minister was that even after he was appointed, he strived to maintain his strong Christian values, during our last private  meeting in March 2019 at the Cabinet offices, I suggested that we pray, we both kneeled down and prayed, it was a very emotional moment.

After the prayer the PM said to me: “Mine nginalo litsemba wena Mlangeni kutsi Nkulunkulu utalisita lelive, utovuka umnotfo bantfu baphile kahle bajabule(I believe God will help us Mlangeni, the economy will improve and people will live a better life and be happy).

Whenever I wrote hard hitting articles against the Prime Minister, it was not necessary directed to him personally but the position he was holding, however, as mentioned, I cannot claim to be perfect, maybe at times, I might have overstepped the limit of fair criticism and apologizing should not be hard for any public figure including myself hence I apologise to the Nation where I overstepped.

May God heal our wounds as Nation, regardless of our differences and political beliefs, may we mourn the death of the Prime Minister.

God bless the Kingdom of eSwatini.

Swaziland News Editor Zweli  Martin Dlamini pays tribute to late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini
The late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini