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COVID-19 crisis: Some members of the King’s regiments will dance their last Incwala this year.

Sunday, 20th December, 2020

The traditional adage “siyofela eNkhosini”(we will die serving His Majesty) will definitely come to reality for some members of the King’s regiments who opted to attend the Incwala ritual ceremony in the midst of the COVID-19 second wave.

That the King defied the World Health Organisation(WHO) to host the ritual ceremony at a time when our health system has collapsed is a story for another day, it very unfortunate that this event is normally attended even by the elderly who are ignorant with regards to what is happening in the country, the realitywill strike once they are in their various hospital beds with only a panado and that’s if they will be lucky to receive it.

As the media, we have and will continue to play our part and educate the Nation regarding the situation in the country, however, for those who will choose to participate in the ritual ceremony, we might in the next few weeks announce their deaths, that’s the unfortunate part.

King Mswati has been enjoying loyalty from some members of the public, but his superstitious beliefs does not allow him to come closer to a death body or any person who attended a funeral, this means you can serve him while you are still alive but once you die, he will close the chapter and forget about you.

The late Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini who was appointed by the King died in the line of duty as per His Majesty’s command, government announced that he will receive a State funeral, but the reality on the ground suggests that everything is normal within the royal family, ceremonies are continuing, life goes on for their Majesties.

As people who are enlightened about the dangers of COVID-19 and the fact that as a country, we have no hospitals and staff capable of handling the looming crisis, the country have no alternative but to prepare for mass funerals in the coming months, some members of the King’s regiments are dancing their last Incwala ceremony this year.

The most unfortunate part is the fact that those who attended the ceremony will come back and infect innocent members of the public who were not part of that ceremony, indeed a disaster is looming. But then, let’s see what will manifests as new year begins, however, we must expect government to blame alcohol consumption, failure by members of the public to observe social distancing, nothing will be said about Incwala in the absence of international pressure for the government to take full responsibility.

COVID-19 crisis: Some members of the King’s regiments will dance their last Incwala this year.
Members of the regiments during Incwala ceremony