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Mswati should be the last King to rule this country.

Thursday, 14th January, 2021

King Mswati is fast becoming unpopular among the people, it is now clear that the current generation will not allow any King who might take over from him to rule this country as an absolute Monarch.

Indeed, the citizens are now eagerly waiting for unfortunate news after the King hosted the Incwala ceremony exposing himself and innocent citizens  of this country to COVID-19.

It has been reported that King’s men including Boy Mdluli and other high ranking officials died due to COVID-19 related illnesses, this means King Mswati by virtue of being a close contact remains at high risk.

One was hoping that the King would demonstrate leadership and voluntarily surrender power to the people, but it seems like he wants to leave his children and wives in serious trouble, the Nation has suffered for too long hence the citizens will not allow his spoilt children to rule this country.

Maybe, the institution of the Monarchy could survive if those in power could voluntarily open engagements with the people for democratic reforms under a Constitutional Monarchy.

But then, we all know that King Mswati is arrogant, he believes the country is his personal property, that’s why we are now seeing some of his children systematically eyeing the throne, with their low intelligence, they think it would be easy.

It’s true that King Mswati might be far from reality in as far as the situation in this country is concerned as those around him always lie, claming the “people love you your Majesty” and the anger of the Nation oppressed for almost 50 years might be experienced by his children. 

As the situation stands, the country is in a serious crisis, there is no working equipment in schools, no drugs in hospitals, the Ministry of Public Works is struggling to maintain roads and government suppliers are still waiting for their payments.

Any leader with the interests of the people at heart would have long engaged the people through a dialogue and handed over power.

But then as mentioned, King Mswati is the last absolute Monarch to rule this country, the people must taste freedom.

The royal family might try so hard to hide the health condition of the King, but due to the division within the royal household on will take over the throne, such information will soon be in the public domain.

Mswati should be the last King to rule this country.
King Mswati