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Exiled Swazi Prophet on SAFM, calls for multi-party democracy

Monday, 16th December, 2019

MANZINI Exiled Swazi Prophet Gcina Mtsetfwa has called upon King Mswati to hand over power and embrace multi-party democracy as a matter of urgency.

Speaking on SAFM, one of the SABC radio stations, the former King’s Praise Singer said God revealed to him that the time has come for the country to adopt multi-party democracy and it would be dangerous for the King to resist the political reforms.

“God has revealed it to me and I have also done my own investigations, indeed God demands the introduction of multiparty democracy in eSwatini. The King must shape up or ship out. I have told more than 12 000 civil servants during a march that God demands multiparty democracy by 2022,” said the Prophet.

When the presenter asked him  to declare his political position, Mtsetfwa denied that he was anti-monarchy, instead he said he was part of it.

“My grandfather is the one who played a key role in the installation of King Mswati. Am not the only person sent by God to deliver this message as well-known Pastor Miles Munroe was sent to pass this information to the King regarding the political reforms. It is possible that he was overwhelmed when he arrived at the Swazi Palace and decided not to pass the message. This might be the reason he died in a plane crash,” he said.

Speaking to this Swaziland News after the interview, Mtsetfwa said some people within the royal family were on his side, hence he was assisted with information  with what was currently happening.

“There are people who are within the Royal family who are on my side, hence I am able to know everything they are planning,” he said.

Asked on his possible return to the country, he said he would be guided by God if returning to the country was safe.

“There comes a time to run away and if you could remember Jesus had to flee from King Herod.” he said.

Liqoqo Chairman and former deputy Prime Minister Paul Dlamini is on record urging the prophet to tone down on revealing royal sensitive information .


Exiled Swazi Prophet on SAFM, calls for multi-party democracy
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