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King Mswati’s health condition: Political parties must prepare for democratic elections in 2023.

Saturday, 23rd January, 2021

King Mswati’s health condition that remains a top secret within the royal family suggests that political parties must start preparing for democratic elections in 2023 as the Tinkhundla oppressive system of governance takes its last breathe.
Perhaps, let me state that even if King Mswati can die, royalty will never announce or confirm the death immediately, instead they will manipulate the COVID-19 regulations, impose a full-lockdown to make sure everyone stays at home while they sort their internal battles and identify the next King who will take over the Throne.
King Mswati disappeared after dispersing his regiments who attended the Incwala ritual ceremony after some of his loyalists like Boy Mdluli whom he had close contact tested positive to COVID-19 and subsequently died, thereafter, it was reported that foreign doctors will arrive in the country.
This means political parties should start lobbying international bodies for a peace keeping mission and or deployment of foreign soldiers in the country to ensure that citizens are not bullied into accepting another King should Mswati die, the citizens of this country have suffered for close to 50 years after the 1973 Decree, its time for freedom.
Political parties should, regardless of their different ideologies, come together and strengthen the Political Parties Assembly(PPA) that will act as an interim transitional Council, it should liaise with international bodies as we prepare for democratic elections.
As a country, we must be fully aware that King Mswati’s children with military training might try to use the army against the people to remain in power, in this regard the Interim Transitional Council should liaise with international institutions, those who will be found to have committed crimes against humanity, even the King’s children should be arrested and sent to the International Criminal Court(ICC) for a trial. The institution of the Monarch should be allowed to exist and regulated under a Constitutional Monarch, however, that should be determined by their behaviour in the democratic process, royalty must cooperate and give back power to the people, after all, the right for the citizens to elect their own government was ‘stolen’ through the 1973 Decree, its time for the people to be free.
It should be noted that the freedom that struggle icons like the late PUDEMO founding President Mario Masuku, SWADEPA President Jan Sithole among others fought for has arrived, what is needed now is the implementation of the democratic process to usher this great Nation into a new democratic dispensation.
King Mswati, whether in his hospital bed, quarantine or wherever he is right now should be ashamed of himself for destroying this country, he will remembered as an oppressive, greedy and corrupt dictator who manipulated this country’s resources for his own benefit.
It’s very fortunate that when concluding business deals under Tibiyo TakaNgwane, he did so in “Trust for the Swazi Nation”, we need all the billions that were stolen from the people so we can buy drugs in hospitals including Personal Protective Clothing(PPE) for health workers, fund Free Primary Education(FPE), buy Ambulances and pay salaries for civil servants among other social obligations.
As a country, we must ensure that these public resources that were stolen from the people are forfeited by the State for the benefit of the Nation, children of the King who will try to use the military against the people should be apprehended, thrown behind bars and be sent to the International Criminal Court(ICC), these stolen public resources are not an Estate of King Mswati.
Under the new democratic Swaziland, we will expect a fair process in the awarding of scholarships, free education and elderly grants. We expect the new government to prioritise the creation of jobs, health, support for the Small and Medium Enterprise(SMEs) that plays a significant role in economic development. Under the new democratic Swaziland, we want a free media that will play its role, holding those in power accountable by demanding accountability of public resources. Indeed, we want a judiciary headed by a credible Chief Justice that will uphold the rule of law, no human being should be above the law.
In conclusion, it is important to encourage every citizen even members of the security forces to play their part in democratising this country, we need to come together and end this royal dictatorship where one family lives in luxury while over 700 000 citizens live below the poverty line.
King Mswati’s health condition: Political parties must prepare for democratic elections in 2023.
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