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Aspiring Prime Minister Nathie Dlamini must stop mocking the struggles of the poor.

Monday, 8th February, 2021

Nathie Dlamini, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Business Eswatini must continue dreaming, his aspiration to become the next Prime Minister by advancing the agenda of suppressing the people, pushing  them deeper into poverty will not succeed.

Dlamini, an agent of capitalists who undermine workers rights is dominating the local newspapers these days trying to market himself to the appointing authority, he recently praised Eswatini Electricity Company(EEC) for the increase in electricity tariffs saying this will ease the burden on businesses from subsidising domestic consumption.

Firstly, let me remind Nathie Dlamini that the electricity increase has nothing to do with easing the burden from businesses, the truth of the matter is that certain percentages of the millions stolen from the people through such electricity increase 'robbery' benefits King Mswati, that's why  we have S'thofeni Ginindza as the long serving EEC Board Chairman because he knows how to play around with the figures for the benefit of Mswati. Electricity is now more expensive in this country because one man, King Mswati whom Nathie Dlamini looks up to for an appointment wants to steal every cent from the already 'empty'  pockets of the poor.

Furthermore, it is important for the Business Eswatini CEO to understand that company profits are generated by workers, some who are paid peanuts in this country and for him to support the increase in electricity tariffs means he wants more profits for the regime while the people remain poor. This is the basic principle of capitalism, the rich should become more richer and the poor be made more poorer.

But I am not surprised because King Mswati always appoints Prime Ministers who are only skilled in stealing money from the people on his behalf, Nathie Dlamini is trying very hard to convince the King through the media that he is also capable of stealing from the poor for the benefit of the King by supporting the increase in electricity tariffs.

As a Nation we must not vigorously oppose this, it is in our ‘best interest’ for King Mswati to appoint this political clown Nathie Dlamini so he can commit blunders that will influence the people to rise against this corrupt and oppressive regime.

Dlamini must understand that the generation that worships the King and his capitalists gang is almost gone, the youth of this country being the majority is now watching very closely the decisions made by this government.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we were expecting government to stop increasing tariffs as many people lost their jobs while some businesses collapsed, however, a political clown Nathie Dlamini emerged with the agenda of capitalists and the captured media is promoting him.

Nathie Dlamini cannot be trusted with political power, he is easily captured and I now fully understand why the late former Prime Minister Barnabas identified a mafia at the then Swaziland Post and Telecommunication Corporation(SPTC) during his time as CEO.

But then Nathie Dlamini must understand that the people are bleeding now after years of oppression, his capitalists gang can establish businesses and make huge profits while suppressing the people, but those investments will be turned into nothing once the citizens decide to organise a revolution.

We are not preventing Mswati from appointing Nathie Dlamini to push his interests and that of capitalists led by Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg as mentioned, it’s in our best interest because he will implement decisions that will trigger anger among the people and speed-up the wheels of democracy

Aspiring Prime Minister Nathie Dlamini must stop mocking the struggles of the poor.
Business Eswatini CEO Nathie Dlamini