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King’s political powers a threat to democracy

Thursday, 19th December, 2019

We are a people who have never been wise because we have never demanded any meaningful role to play in the history of this nation. The only thing we have been able to learn from the ruling class has been to follow orders religiously as if they were higher than God’s commandments, we have paid a high price for our stupidity. 

We have called upon the death sentence to be imposed on ourselves as well as upon our children’s dreams and future by allowing the ruling class to discriminate against us. I am now convinced that all of those who have been working with the King for many years are evil hearted people because if they had been good, they would have told him to change his ways and conduct. I have been following with a lot of interest the source of funding for the Rolls Royce cars which were recently acquired by the King for his own use at the expense and peril of the commoners. Chief Mgwagwa, the King’s Office CEO is a liar. Do you remember him being in the list of those who said the King used private funds to purchase the cars? 

Now I know a lot. A certain chief in the HHohho region got involved, an investor(s) also got involved, the Swazi people got involved and the King too. The Chief put up a team to put together a business proposal that was later presented to the investor. The proposal made a lot of business sense to the investor. The chief made a terrible mistake by taking the investor to the King via some of the King’s acquaintances. Then, as usual, the question was thrown at the investor, “what is in this project for me?” Secret deals were made and Rolls Royce cars were delivered. With so much noise around the cars, the investor is singing a different tune and Swazis will be the losers. This is nothing else but extortion. We will find out about this secret deal one way or the other.

I am a man of sound mind. I refuse to close my eyes and bury my head in the sand with the hope that problems will disappear on their own. I have since come to realize that dictatorship fails to produce intelligent folks (those who can reason and advance ideas for the common good). Look at the late President Mugabe, ex President Zuma, King Mswati lll of Swaziland and President Trump of USA. A fellow Swazi has asked me to clarify my statement that in this country we do not have right to vote when the King gives us the chance to do that every 5 years. This shows clearly the amount of damage that the royal family has done to the reasoning ability of the ordinary Swazi people. For many years we have never been able to make choices because we have always been guided by the Monarch and those crooks around the King. Multi- party democracy creates a platform for people to show what they are capable of achieving when given an opportunity. The right to vote is about choosing a party that has put together policies that address most of your aspirations. It is never about choosing the person one may like. In this country it cannot happen that we may have representatives in parliament chosen on parties’ manifestos. We have been ignorant about politics for many years and this has led to exploitation of the majority of Swazis by a few (King and his family). We don’t want a King with political powers. This is why we need a referendum on the King’s powers.


King’s political powers a threat to democracy
King Mswati III