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Business Eswatini, aspiring Prime Minister Nathie Dlamini and the looming State Capture

Sunday, 14th February, 2021

s part of an investigation, I am in possession of highly confidential documents substantiating how Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg and members of the politically ambitious Business Eswatini are manipulating the governing structures of this country to seize control of multi-billion State assets so they can control the economy of this country once it attains democracy.
It should be noted that before, we had the Jesus Calls Worship Centre(JCWC) that was operating like a 'political party' hiding in the name of religion but as that cabal slowly losses political influence, Business Eswatini, a new syndicate of capitalists mushrooming in the name of business are scrambling to seize control of our country.
The media reports suggesting that aspiring Prime Minister and Business Eswatini Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Nathie Dlamini is taking me to court are merely an intimidation strategy to cover-up the new State Capture backed by powerful capitalists who are now grabbing almost everything in this country.
Perhaps, let me state that the capitalists dominated Business Eswatini is now operating like a ‘political party’, they influenced journalists of the two local newspapers to promote Nathie Dlamini as a suitable candidate to take over as Prime Minister so that they could push their interests that include seizing control of key resources of this country.
We must be very worried as a country because King Mswati is just another vulnerable 'puppet' some of his decisions that impact our lives are influenced by money, he cannot be trusted and can be easily be captured by anyone who parades cash. At the end, we might be turned into economic slaves of these capitalists.
The Nation will recall that when government suspended the buying of vehicles, Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala received a brand new Mercedes Benz worth over E2million and he continued to fly in business class, the capitalists represented by Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg in Cabinet made sure they won the Head of the Judiciary to strengthen their State Capture and intimidate everyone who challenges them through the courts.
Bheki Maphalala is now a puppet of the capitalists, it is for this reason that an agent of these dangerous capitalists took a quick decision to approach the court, he thought I would be easily intimidated by this syndicate of political ‘thugs’ whose main objective is to push the people deeper into poverty.
The history of the Chief Justice in manipulating the law to silence the media in favour of corrupt individuals is well documented, under normal circumstances, we would expect the Judiciary to promote access to information and a free media, however, we are seeing corrupt ‘thugs’ rushing to court because they know they have an agent there who will manipulate the justice system in their favour.
As I am armed with confidential documents that prove the mission of Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg and his capitalists gang, I will not wait for court proceedings but I will continue doing my job as an investigative journalist and publish stories in the public interest, our country is not up for grabs.
I can assure the Nation that by the time Nathie Dlamini took to the witness box to motivate his case, the people will be well informed about what is really happening, this mushrooming of capitalists agents has been influenced by the fact that King Mswati long abandoned this Nation to focus on his health issues.
It is for these reasons Nathie is being promoted through the media because due to COVID-19, it’s now very difficult to gain access to the King to lobby for a new Prime Minister, that’s why the capitalists are now pushing their candidate through the local newspapers.
Aspiring Prime Minister Nathie Dlamini should know that we cannot allow this country to be captured by dangerous capitalists, how can he advocate for an increase in electricity tariffs when his ‘boss’ Neal Rijikernberg through the politically connected Montigny Investments is looting our timber at a low price to evade tax, sell it at a higher price in South Africa to make more profits while workers and the entire country struggle with financial resources.
Dlamini who has proven to be a 'darling' of the State controlled media these days must call a press conference and warn the Finance Minister and his capitalists syndicate to stop stealing our resources so that our country could be financial stable not to advocate for an increase in electricity tariffs with the intention of pushing the financially struggling people deeper into poverty.
Nathie has been speaking the language of ‘bogus’ capitalists who believe the only way to make profits is to suppress the people and push them deeper into poverty that’s why he commended the increase in electricity tariffs and calling for civil servants’ salaries to be reduced suggesting that government employees should be paid for hours worked in the midst of the COVID-19. He wants workers to receive low salaries but purchase basic commodities at a high price.
In conclusion, let me state categorically clear that if questioning the agenda of capitalists who want to capture our country by parading a ‘puppet’ through the media is defamation then we must be worried as a Nation.
This is our country, we deserve to live a better life as human beings, electricity is a basic commodity that impacts our lives in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we will question anyone who influences such decisions in the public interest.
Business Eswatini, aspiring Prime Minister Nathie Dlamini and the looming State Capture
Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg and Business Eswatini CEO Nathie Dlamini