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Billionaire Eswatini King struggling to provide COVID-19 vaccines for citizens, calls for national prayer.

Thursday, 18th February, 2021

MBABANE: King Mswati, one of the richest Monarchies in the world is ‘struggling’ to provide working equipment for health workers including COVID-19 vaccines, instead he has called for a national prayer and fasting.

Speaking through Princess Lindiwe, the Minister of Home Affairs, the King who is highly expected to deliver his last Parliament speech before his 2022 Eswatini First World Status promise, urged the citizens to start the fasting on the 18th February 2021 from morning until 7pm in the evening.

“Let us go back to the Lord, He will heal our land (Hosea 6:1). Prayer items: Arresting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,national healing  and restoration from the devastation effects of COVID-19, economic recovery and national prosperity as well as God’s mercy and forgiveness to us as individuals and as a Nation” the King said.

But the calls for the national prayer come in the midst of reports suggesting that the King and his royal family normally receive proper treatment within the Manzana Royal Hospital, it could not be ascertained whether he secretly procured the vaccines for himself and the royal family.

Reached for comments Bheki Mamba, the President of Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union(SWADNU) said Government must provide drugs in hospitals and other working equipment like Personal Protective Clothing(PPEs) warning that the situation was getting worse.

“ We don’t need to start praying today, we have been praying since the beginning of the pandemic. Government needs to provide all the essentials needed to win this fight. We need PPEs, medication and working equipment in hospitals and a proper budget for vaccination. We need to vaccinate all people instead of praying for them" said the nurses union President.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT) said as teachers, they expected an update of the procurement of health working equipment.

“We expect an update regarding the procurement of working equipment in hospitals, we pray everyday on our own and we don’t want to be reminded by them to pray” , he said.

Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa and ruled by King Mswati, an absolute Monarch, has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, political parties are banned from participating in elections. The King became a billionaire after grabbing the multi-billion Tibiyo TakaNgwane  investment company from the people, he also receives a salary of over E50million per month sourced from public funds.  

Billionaire Eswatini King struggling to provide COVID-19 vaccines for citizens, calls for national prayer.
King Mswati