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Employing teachers on contracts undermines quality of education

Sunday, 21st February, 2021

Government decision to employ highly qualified teachers on contracts while members of the security forces automatically gain permanent employment at training level confirms the political plan to destroy our education system and undermine the future of our children.
Even though it has become a norm in this country to frustrate teachers, I would like to bring to the attention of the Nation that our children will soon be victims of this political project that seeks to destroy teachers.
Even these police officers who are prioritised by government are products of teachers, this means a few years from now as the quality of education declines, our country might be flooded with a ‘qualified’ but illiterate young population.
I have noted that in this country, King Mswati’s Government has elevated members of the security forces particularly police officers to be the most important among civil servants, teachers are frustrated with their qualifications, this is very unfair.
It is worth mentioning that the teaching profession is a seed that produces all other professions, you cannot therefore destroy the seed and expect a good harvest, unless you are dreaming.
It wasn’t a surprise for me when King Mswati withdrew his sentiments suggesting that this country would reach the first world status next year, maybe he had taken some few ‘drinks when he had that vision or dream because no country can develop while suppressing the education system.
King Mswati hates education such that he always employs police officers to assault teachers when they demand better wages, surprisingly, teachers are the very same professionals who produce police officers.
As a country, we need to discuss this issue and force government to prioritise the education system, the abuse of political power against teachers will destroy the quality of other professions.
I am struggling to understand the thinking capacity of King Mswati, how can you frustrate the teaching profession that produces all other professions in the world and expect your country to attain first world status?
I am journalist, writing this article because my teacher taught me how to start a sentence, where to use capital letters and when to put a full stop, this means by extension, this article is a product of a teacher.
Furthermore, it is very important to note that being a teacher is not only about teaching children during class, these professionals are expected to give counselling and motivate children who were sexually abused, facing hunger back home and give them hope for the future. How do we expect a demoralised teacher to motivate a child?
Government is destroying the future of this country, but at least King Mswati who has been snoring all these years, dreaming about this country attaining the first world status came back to his senses on Friday and withdrew that propaganda. It was a dream indeed, no country can destroy the education system and future of children and expect to reach the first world status.
But now that the King has realised he has been snoring, we expect government to provide working equipment in schools and hire teachers permanently so they can give quality education to our children, these political 'wet dreams' must come to an end.
Employing teachers on contracts undermines quality of education
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