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Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo is off-side, MPs were elected to speak in Parliament not in court.

Thursday, 4th March, 2021

Sifiso Khumalo, the Attorney General exposed his 'castrated' legal mind when he suggested that Hosea Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza must approach the courts to raise a Constitutional matter that falls within the jurisdiction of Parliament.

MP Mabuza stood on a Point of Order empowered by Standing Order 58 to raise a genuine Constitutional matter after noting that Cabinet Ministers who were elected by the people were now a monority in complete violation of the Supreme Law of the country.

Perhaps, let me first commend the MPs for being vigilant in that they were able to decline when a 'crocodile' invited them to the river, Sifiso Khumalo is a dangerous hypocrite who always drag people to the courts where, together with his ‘judicial mafia’ that includes Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala enjoys absolute power.

But then, let me advise the Attorney General to stop undermining his integrity even on such clear Constitutional matters, MPs were elected by the people to speak in Parliament and debate matters of public interest not in court, this is in line with the doctrine of the separation of powers.

The Constitutional provisions suggesting that Parliament cannot sit without the presence of the Attorney General as an ex-officio member was meant to ensure that Parliament conduct business in accordance with the law, but due to the incompetence of the Attorney General, now we are seeing a businessman Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza vigorously addressing genuine legal matters that seeks to ensure that the House comply with the law.

The AG must know that some of us are fully aware that the courts are no longer credible under the administration of CJ Bheki Maphalala and we are always worried whenever we see a ‘crocodile’ proposing a meeting with MPs in the river because it’s hard to defeat that reptile in its territory.

Members of Parliament must keep a close eye on Sifiso Khumalo, his sentiments yesterday where he tried to defend a clear Constitutional matter that falls within the jurisdiction of Parliament with the intention of misleading the House was a clear indication that his legal mind was long castrated and replaced with ‘Smohlwana’.

But the sentiments of the AG reminded me of Senator Isaac Magagula, who once told me to stop exposing him and report allegations of corruption involving him to the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC). 

Magagula, as a former National Commissioner knew that the ACC doesn’t ‘exist’ and perhaps he was undermining my intelligence, imagine an investigative journalist receiving documents on corruption from sources and instead of exposing the corrupt individual, rushes to the non-existent Anti Corruption to report?

Now, Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo was trying to undermine the intelligence of the MPs by suggesting that an MP who was elected by the people  to speak and address issues of public interest in Parliament must leave that platform and run to the captured courts fully controlled by him and his judicial mafia because he knew once you decide to go there to challenge the Tinkhundla system, you lose the battle the moment you take that decision.

In light of the aforementioned, it is of paramount importance for MPs to understand the operations of AG Sifiso Khumalo and his judicial gang, the courts are no longer a place where you can seek justice, they are now used to fight and frustrates critics of the system.

I once asked an Honorable Judge who is very close to me who was once persecuted by the system why he did not approach the court to challenge his unfair dismissal and he said “I did not want  to legitimise the injustice”.

Indeed, the Judge is highly respected even today because of the way he handled his case, by choosing not to challenge his persecution through a captured judiciary, he was able to give the system a rope to hang itself and be exposed internationally.

Therefore, it is important for MPs to demonstrate the highest level of intelligence when dealing with Sifiso Khumalo and his political gang. They  must continue raising such critical matters in Parliament and give Sifiso Khumalo the political rope to hang himself, with his legal mind castrated, he will definitely do so like he did yesterday.

Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo is off-side, MPs were elected to speak in Parliament not in court.
Hosea MP Mduduzi Mabuza and Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo