We are living in the End Times


This column will mostly be based on God's Word, doing a commentary mostly about world trends in light of the prophetic Word.

It is without any shadow of doubt that the period we are now living in is definitely what the Word of God aptly calls the Last Days.Humanity's behaviour as prophesied in numerous books of the bible about the End Times,uncannily and accurately fits our generation and the signs Christ mentioned will herald His Second Coming are being fulfilled at a frenetic pace and those of us who choose to ignore the signs pointing to Our Lord Jesus Christ's Second advent,will realize too late when the Day is finally upon us.

Christ said it will come like a thief, but Him being the loving God that He is,did not leave us in the dark,but gave us a prophetic timeline to make us aware of where we stand in terms of earth's final calendar. Matthew Chapter 24 is one book containing a sequence of prophetic events which Christ prophesied will point to His Second Coming.A lot is contained in the prophecy and it exactly fits our generation.He warned about the rise of false Christ's and prophets who will deceive many,using His name,displaying lying signs and wonders which will be devil inspired with the sole intention of deceiving even staunch Christians.

We are testimony to the rise of a counterfeit Christianity which manifests itself especially in the now prevalent gospel of prosperity.We are living in an age of materialism, where money has become a god of many people.People want prosperity by hook or crook and this where the devil uses the false gospel of prosperity to hoodwink success-starved people into parting with hard earned money as offerings, where these wolves in ship skin - present day pastors or evangelists - coerce gullible,poverty-stricken congregants to 'buy" God's blessings - something unbiblical and a complete abomination to the Almighty God.God wants us to worship Him in truth and in spirit.

The Bible warns us about ungodly humanity's behaviour, especially in 2nd Timothy 3:1-5.Apostle Paul here warns about ungodly human behaviours that will be prevalent during our generation.He warns about people being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God or His Word. How true!Mankind is obsessed with loving pleasure in the form of idolatrous entertainment.We now put our carnal pleasures on Self more than we devote our time to worshipping God in truth and in spirit. Go to music festivals, bars,soccer stadiums etc.,the attendance is astounding but venture into houses of God...I leave that to your imagination.

One successful bait or snare Satan uses to sway people from God is without any shadow of doubt, television. Soapies like Generation,Muvhango etc.,are quite popular and families may rather shelve bible study and prayer sessions rather than lose episodes of some of the above! Locally in Swaziland, I have lost count of how many times so-called Prophets of God have fleeced unwitting people of their money ,all in the "come to Jesus and be saved' tent revivals,which in reality are money-making schemes.We,as writers,have warned people umpteenth of times to be wary of these fraudsters,but in vain.Swazis have this propensity to fall line,hook and sinker for anyone promising riches - be it a false prophet witchdoctor, soothsayer... you name it,they will flock to the "house of God", in reality is a synagogue of Satan.

Paul goes on to predict unprecedented brutality manifesting itself in violent society's behaviour.People are angry,intolerant and rarely solve disputes or disagreements over the round table.Violence is the language most people understand now. Watch the signs.... to be continued.

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