A country dominated by political vultures

ESWATINI house of parliament


The way things are happening in this country, one wonders whether we are doing justice for our children and the next generation. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the truth especially if the truth is directed at you and nobody else. As I watched my children growing up I once reached a point where I started asking myself if I cared very much about their future and well-being. This was necessitated by my interaction with people from outside eSwatini. One fellow had told me, “My friend you must plan for your children whilst they are still growing up because if you do not, then you are literally handing their future over to another person who will never put them first”. Another one had told me not to hand them over to the state because no state in Africa has ever shown compassion towards children. I did not understand these fellows but now the words make a lot of sense to me.

How do you explain that institutions put up by the state have nothing to do with the interests of those that are used to justify the importance of those “fake” institutions? Whose interests are being served by parliament? Those in positions of leadership in any country especially eSwatini have their own agenda that is very different from those who are manipulated now and again to justify why those institutions are necessary. In the previous article, I pointed out why parliament is a waste of resources in our country. eMaswati are not educated enough and wise to realize what needs to be done to take this country forward. If we go back to the year 2000 you may recall that the leadership of this country once embarked on a National Development Strategy specifically to do things differently for the benefit of the majority of eSwatini. The late PM (Barny) was fully behind this initiative. Unfortunately, he was alone. He was stopped dead on his tracks. Due to the low level of literacy of eMaswati, this noble exercise was systematically flushed down the toilet to the septic tank. Ever since then-no liSwati has ever made any effort to retrieve the important parts of that flushed strategy because we did not see anything useful in it. These are the glaring signs of lack of education. Why was this allowed to happen? We are a people who do not brainstorm ideas but easily believe anybody who comes to us with royal acquaintance tag because to us that tag means many good things even when it is really bad.

Have you ever wondered why most eMaswati want to be parliamentarians in the first place? Most of them are beginning to accept that the sole purpose of going to parly is to get paid at the end of a month. It has nothing to do with tackling the problems faced by the people of eSwatini in general. Most of the eMaswati do not believe that the revenue collected by the state belongs to them. They believe it is government money and government can be used anyhow. They see no link between them and the government. They believe this is the King’s money and nobody has a say on it. Do you blame them for such a stand? Do not blame us, my friend, because we are an uneducated lot, good for nothing except to be lied to now and again. Remember, if a person is not wise, he/she has his/her own definition of an educated/wise person. The biggest barrier to economic growth is when an educated person shuns acquired wisdom and behaves like an idiot or dunderhead for reasons best known to oneself or. Please let us not forget that there is no education qualification required for any liSwati national who desires to be a member of Parliament. What is the leadership of this country saying to those who have put a lot of effort and resources to educate themselves? What message is it sending to our children? This leadership is telling our children to forget looking for a role to play in eSwatini as long as it is in charge, “A fool and its gold are soon parted” But who knows what gold is in Swaziland? The message to our clowns in parly is to put themselves first and consider us neither here nor there.

MPs do not know their strengths neither do they know their weaknesses. They have self-imposed no go areas because they are worried over many things that are best known to themselves. They do not want to tell us the hurdles they face as MPs. They campaign as individuals to get us to vote them into parly and in our little wisdom we expect them to do something for us yet parliament by its nature is never an institution for individuals (in the west anyway). This whole mess is facilitated by a group of ghosts called EBC (Election and Boundaries Commission) that never bothers to disseminate/educate the nation in what an election is all about. Maybe I am wrong about EBC, this poor lot is just doing what it is told to do by those in leadership and they dare not stray off the course if they want bread on their tables. It takes a man who believes in God Almighty to stand by the truth. Is there anybody who believes in Jesus Christ or God in this country? If there is please raise your hand. I have done some counting and there is no one. I am not talking about those clowns who call themselves Christians. I do not want to talk about them. Our MPs have no national agenda because to them that is beyond their scope and understanding. This is why things will forever remain the same because policy changes demand people with GODLY WISDOM and education. In this country, we have health, education, judicial, financial, FDI crises. The MPs cannot do anything to help us because they do not see anything wrong with our situation because we live in a separate world. We are aboard a ship that is about to turn into a wreck because the captain has lost control of it and is drifting into the rocks instead of heading to the nearest port. All we can see is sweat all over his face and he is not saying a word. We are seeing some people putting on some life vests and are preparing to jump ship. What do MPs bring to parly? Nothing! They have nothing in between their two ears and no life experience. Let them play marbles, I guess they are good at that game. As to whether the meager resources of this country are put to good use is not a matter that concerns them.

At the moment we are facing the worse disaster in the education sector. There are schools in the country where children have not been taught since the beginning of the year because no teachers have been employed by the government to replace those who have passed on since last year. Furthermore, no money has been released for Free Primary Education program. What are the implications for this situation? These children are going to be with us for years to come. Government is breeding a generation of the illiterate nation. Do the MPs care about you and your children’s future? Have MPs ever visited schools in the country to assess their conditions and have they ever engaged teachers to find suggestions as to what can be done to improve the quality of education and teachers’ conditions of service? What about our universities and colleges. These guys are a bunch of losers and they continue to make us poor for reasons best known to those in leadership. Do we have any leadership in this country? Somebody must be benefitting from the status quo. I wonder who is reaping the rewards of our ignorance. Can you take your eyes away from those at the first table and see what can be achieved away from that lot. My prayer for the King: “Make the coming of Jesus Christ into this world, a change needed by your life by entering into His Kingdom. Surrender your life to Him and let Him take over your throne so that you enter into eternal joy, peace and rest. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen”. Do not worry yourself about the opinions of those who call themselves Christians but look unto God for guidance, direction, and Wisdom.