Businessman had sex with my wife at King’s Palace-cop


JOHANNEBURG :Businessman Mandla Dlamini, the Chairman of the Swaziland Commercial Amadoda Road and Transport Association (SCARTA) is at loggerheads with Skhumbuzo Cyril Mamba, a police officer who accuses him of snatching his wife Glady’s Chambers.

Constable Mamba, who is now based at the Operational Support Services Unit (OSSU) alleged that the King’s man would on numerous occasions, fetched his wife to spend nights with her at Ngabezweni Royal Residence; one of King Mswati’s Palaces situated about 45 kilometers from the capital city of Mbabane. He was speaking to this Swaziland News publication in an interview where he further clarified that all this happened while he was based at Siteki Police Station staying with his wife. The businessman, like other members of the King’s regiments owns a small flat known as “lilawu” at the Palace where the cop alleged he would spend nights with his wife.

“When I confronted him about the issue he threatened to report me to the National Commissioner saying I’m threatening him.” When this publication contacted the businessman for a comment, he confirmed being in a relationship with the police officer’s wife, however, he said that was after the court issued a divorce decree. Dlamini said to him it came as a surprise that Mamba was still following Glady’s Chambers despite that she was the one who decided to terminate the marriage and he only came in soon thereafter. “This is not true, the police officer and his wife divorced around November 2016 and I met her in 2017, proposed love and she agreed” said the businessman. The police officer when asked to respond to Dlamini sentiments that he only proposed after a divorce decree was issued, said the businessman was not telling the truth, he even produced evidence how Dlamini would cross to South Africa together with Chambers while she was legally married to him.

The documents in possession of this publication suggest that on or around 01 January 2016, Dlamini was already in an intimate relationship with Chambers and they even travelled together to spend nights in South Africa. At the time, Chambers was legally married to Mamba who consistently accused Dlamini of being the source of trouble that saw his marriage destroyed. “I would be happy if he can clarify the proof suggesting that he crossed the boarder to spend nights with my wife in South Africa before the divorce proceedings were instituted” he said When questioned further, the businessman later changed tune saying Gladys Chambers was no longer in a relationship with him as others snatched her from him as well.

“Futsi senghlukene naye sebamtsetse embili, lelijaha alihambe liyomfuna nangabe lisatomtfola (meaning: She is no longer in a relationship with me, he must search around maybe he will find her” he said. When this publication contacted Glady’s Chambers to seek her comment on the matter, she asked several questions. “Why didn’t you write when you were in court. Call my lawyer and talk to him.,” she said. Glady’s Chambers later sent a message advising this journalist to seek a comment from Cyril Mamba, her ex-husband. “Ask Cyril because he has been talking to you and he came to you” she said.

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