“I might die anytime", PM tells Zwemart


JOHANNEBURG: Swazi Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini said he had few days to live before he dies.

The PM disclosed this in a telephone conversation with this investigative journalist this week. The long serving Prime Minister was initially asked to comment regarding the dealings of a company Peacock Transport (PTY) that benefited millions of public funds. However, he used that opportunity to open up on how he was unhappy with the things that has been consistently published by this Swaziland News publication about him.

“You have a bright future Nkhosi and I’m not happy with the things you are writing about me. You see phela wena Dlamini awufani nami kutsi sewuselelwe ngemalanga lamancane ekuphila, usetawuphila sikhatsi lesidze ngako ke ungabulali likusasa lakho ngaletintfo leti, uyeva kambe Martin? (meaning: you are not like me who might die at any time, you have a long life to live and you shouldn’t destroy your future with such things” he said.

Last week, this publication exposed the PM’s involvement in a huge syndicate that involve Inyatsi Construction Director Michello Shakantu, Zambian President Edgar Lungu, the late powerful businessman Victor Gamedze and King Mswati. During the conversation with this journalist, the PM later became polite and advised this reporter saying the future was actually bright for him and he shouldn’t destroy it. But when asked not to divert on the issues and answer the questions, the PM later cut the conversation without giving answers on the subject matter he was called for, he simply said: “Kulungile ke Dlamini, ngiyabonga kuvuselana(meaning: Thank you for checking on me Dlamini” he said before cutting off the conversation.

The PM was asked to give specific answers on the articles he was not happy with published by this Swaziland News but he failed to answer. However, since its establishment, this publication exposed the PM’s involvement in an alleged spying scandal where he allegedly manipulated the police intelligence unit to spy telephone conversations belonging to his political enemies. The PM was also exposed for sexual abusing a widow Nomsa-Nkomo who had entered in a property sale deal with the Head of Government. Furthermore, the Prime Minister was exposed for his involvement in a huge powerful syndicate that involves Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu, the late powerful businessman Victor Gamedze, King Mswati and Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

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