Political analyst Nyasha Mapanzure speaks on Zimbabwean elections in an interview


JOHANNESBURG: Prominent Zimbabwean political analyst Nyasha Mapanzure said the Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) might win the coming elections and remain in power in what seems to be the first credible elections after decades of alleged vote rigging.

The political analyst said the ongoing infighting for powerful positions within the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) might split the votes to the advantage of ZANU-PF. Mapanzure was speaking to this Swaziland News publication in an exclusive interview held in Johannesburg this week where the ongoing process towards holding credible elections in that country was discussed at length. “ZANU-PF is going to win the elections, MDC is being followed by a crowd which we have noticed of late to be rowdy and unregistered voters. Actually today (Wednesday 06 June 2018) they are holding a march saying they want reforms in the elections and this is on itself a way of fear rather than the way of reforms that they are looking for. They fearing that they are going to lose so they want to say we lost because there were no reforms, but this reforms are being taken care of by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). Justice Chikumba who is heading the Electoral Commission has put it clear that it is open to scrutiny” he said. The political analyst said it was surprising that the MDC has started crying foul even before the elections take place and he said this might be influenced by the high possibility of Emerson Mnangwangwa winning the elections. When asked if the army will allow the MDC to take over power should they win the elections, the political analyst said refusal to hand over power remains an undemocratic situation.

“Any situation where the army might refuse to allow the MDC to take over power in the event they win remains an undemocratic situation but the chances of that happening are next to zero. However, should that happen, I’m sure ED (Emerson Mnangwangwa) will concede defeat but the chances of that happening now are very very slim” he said. Mapazure said even chances of witnessing chaos in the coming elections were next to zero as President Emerson Mnangangwa had invited even Western countries to monitor the elections. “Certainty, no chaos anymore because ED said the elections are open for inspection from the European Union and they have already arrived in Zimbabwe. America is already in Zimbabwe and the United Nations is already in Zimbabwe. The Commonwealth is already in Zimbabwe, which means they also want to re-engage Zimbabwe back into the Commonwealth, which is a good thing for Zimbabwe. So for me to predict chaos, No! Emerson Mnangwangwa is saying peace, peace for Zimbabwe” he said. The political analyst said should the MDC win the elections that would mean the end of the ZANU-PF government, as MDC will take over.

“It means ZANU-PF will have to concede defeat and wait for the next elections and hope to get into power but as I was saying, chances of MDC raising into power are close to nothing” he said. When asked to comment regarding former President Robert Mugabe who was reported to be forming his own political party, the analyst said Mugabe was now history. “He has already formed his own National Patriotic Front (NPF) which is headed mostly by the G40 guys, but that party is slowly disintegrating and losing relevance. Robert Mugabe does not have relevance in Zimbabwean politics anymore, he is done and now a thing of the day. He is now an archive of Zimbabwe” he said.

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