Police must monitor EBC Commissioner Ncumbi not to rig elections


One of the fundamental roles and function of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) is to monitor elections and make sure they are conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner. Elections remains one of the most significant process that seeks to determine who should be in government and those entrusted with this task should be people of integrity.

Now here is an EBC Commissioner Ncumbi Maziya who, during the Civic and Voter Education exercise openly declared that some aspiring Members of Parliament are not needed in Parliament, he claims to be acting on a command. King Mswati is the only person in the country with the authority to issue a command and let me state categorically that I don’t believe he is the one who sent this lunatic Commissioner to rig elections. It’s surprising that in this country we have different factions that seems to be having questionable powers, their role in the country’s political system is to destroy others while making a mockery of the Tinkhundla system.

About five years ago, Ncumbi Maziya drove to Ndzingeni Inkhundla with a bundle of votes to remove Lutfo Dlamini in full view of voters, in what was a serious act of election fraud. Let me state categorically that I am not defending Lutfo Dlamini, but I am always against people who abuse their powers to sabotage others, perhaps that’s the reason I was hated by the late businessman Victor Gamedze. As a country, we need to understand that if we allow these so called powerful people to bully us just because they claim to be friends with King Mswati, this country will completely be turned into a mafia State. As I write this article, the question that keeps flashing in my mind is: Who is Ncumbi Maziya that he can decide who should go to Parliament in this country? What’s the purpose of conducting elections if Maziya will decide on behalf of the people?

I might be one of the most hated individuals by those who claim to be powerful, but where ever they are, they must know that I don’t take “nonsense” especially when a person abuse powers to destroy the country that we call our home. This country is struggling to day because we legitimized corruption. Even journalists, due to stomach issues accept as little as R200 from these corrupt people and allow them to destroy this country. Last year, I wrote an article warning Victor Gamedze that he was beginning to be dangerous even to himself, he never understood me as more people around him who were benefiting from his money including journalists were telling him to sort me. Ncumbi is beginning to be dangerous to himself as because he thinks being a friend to the King, if that is true, gives him a license to bully us, he must just back off. We know high profile who work with the King, they don’t behave like Ncumbi. This Commissioner should be the centre of focus these days; he has proven to be the greatest enemy of peace and stability in this country while claiming to be a friend to the King. In fact Maziya is fast becoming a serious problem that needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency.

The undemocratic Tinkhundla system is facing serious criticism internationally and Ncumbi seems to be backing the detractors by proving that these elections are just a sham as the King decides who should go to Parliament. The mere fact that the Commissioner always use the King’s name when plotting or committing this election fraud might impact negatively in the image of both the country and the Monarch. The King must learn from former President Robert Mugabe who regarded the late Morgan Tsangarai as his greatest enemy only to be overthrown by those next him. King Mswati is always told by these lunatics like Ncumbi that so and so is your “enemy your Majesty” when in fact, they are the ones who are speaking badly about the Monarch. We are tired of these dangerous people who claim to love their Majesties and portray others as enemies of the State just because they want to use their powers for self-enrichment.

As mentioned, I don’t believe Ncumbi was sent by the King to remove Lutfo from power and if that was the case, he wouldn’t had allowed his long time critics like Jan Sithole and Saladin Magagula to win the elections. As for Ncumbi Maziya, he was never a suitable candidate for the position of EBC Commissioner for he doesn’t understand the significance of being independent. To me he is like the Swazi journalists who sold their integrity to Victor Gamedze and were determined to defend him at all cost just because he was putting food on their table, what a shame!!! This country will develop, the day we start putting our differences aside and take proper decisions not to dedicate our energy to fix people while the country we call our home collapse. While in government Lutfo Dlamini took decisions that did not go down well with other Swazis especially in the textile industry; he has his fair share of controversies. Even today, our brothers and sisters are struggling in the textile industry because of the laws that turns them into cheap labour. But then, he is a popular figure at Ndzingeni and who is Ncumbi Maziya to think he can go against the will of the people and remove him? It ‘s not about Lutfo, as a country we need understand how the international community will respond to Maziya sentiments as he is proving that in Swaziland aspiring politicians can just be removed or stopped from partaking in elections.

The police should monitor and prevent this Commissioner from rigging the elections not only at Ndzingeni but in all the Constituencies as reports suggests that he wants to assist others win the elections through vote rigging. It’s a pity that as a country we have found ourselves having the task of monitoring Maziya not to rig elections when in fact he is the one who should be monitoring others to ensure the process is free and fair.