King Mswat’s wife Inkhosikati LaFogiyane’s R33, 000.00 handbag


JOHANNESBURG :While about 70% of the population in the Kingdom of Swaziland languish in poverty, King Mswati’s wife Inkhosikati LaFogiyane has been pictured wearing shoes worth R13,585.00 carrying a handbag that cost R33, 660.00.

The pictures of the Queen are already doing rounds with the royal expenditure a subject of hot debate internationally especially now that the country is broke and relying on foreign aid for some of its social obligations. Princess Temaswati, a daughter to King Mswati was also exposed wearing a Jacob &Co watch worth about R1.5 million.

This disclosure comes after King Mswati was also pictured wearing a R21 million watch allegedly manufactured by the same company. The government of Swaziland now Kingdom of eSwatini is currently struggling to sustain some of its social obligations like Free Primary Education, payment of elderly grants among others as the royal looting on public funds intensify. In April this year the Swazi Government spent over R500million of taxpayers money to purchase a jet for King Mswati and soon thereafter Finance Minister told Parliament that government was struggling to raise money to pay civil servants. Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane told this publication that the jet was approved by Parliament.

“The purchasing of the jet was approved by Parliament” the government Spokesperson eelier told this publication.

But sources revealed that not only King Mswati lives an extravagant lifestyle but his wives and children are benefiting millions of taxpayers money. “A two year-old child is being chauffeured with an BMW X6 and when they talk to us, its like they are speaking to slaves,” said a source from one of royal guards.

Recently, King Mswati was exposed for looting the Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) triggering a protest march from worker’s federation. The King is allegedly using public monies to fund his lavish lifestyle including that of his children. Around the year 2017, the World Food Programme released a report suggesting that abut 350 000 people were in urgent need of food aid.