King Mswati grounded as his Incwala ritual house burns.


JOHANNESBURG: King Mswati’s secluded Incwala house that he uses to perform rituals and further consults with his gods has been burned down in the midst of political tensions currently manifesting in the country.

Lusendvo Fakudze, the Acting Ludzidzini Palace Governor confirmed the incident when reached for comments by this Swaziland News publication, however he assured the Nation that everything was now in order as the situation was immediately restored. This is the same house that the King believes carries supernatural powers that enables him to have absolute control over the country. The Governor said the King and the Queen Mother were informed about the unfortunate incident while other alternative measures were explored to restore the situation.

“Yes it is true and this has been formally reported to their Majesties (seyibikelwe Ingwenyama neNdlovukazi mntfwanami)” he said.

The King’s right hand man invited all Swazis to make sure they respond and attend the coming ceremony without fail saying the information circulating suggesting that it might not be held was not true.

“ As I was explaining to you, so long as the King is still alive, the Incwala ceremony would be held (Bengichaza kutsi Incwala uma kushona lilanga nayo iyashona kubete, nasekuphuma lilanga lelisha, hhawu!!! ibese iba khona umphelane so long nje lisengakashoni lelilanga)" said the Governor.

“Swazis know very well where their home is situated and we expect them to attend in their numbers for this important ceremony (Lamnyama ati kahle kutsi ekhaya ngule!!!)” said the Governor.

Royal insiders told this publication that there was a conflict between the King and one of the Princes before the house was burned. The name of the Prince is known to this publication but his name cannot be revealed as at this stage of our investigation, no convincing evidence links him to the burning of the ritual house. But insiders disclosed that regardless who might be involved in the burning of the ritual house, the incident was an indication of the serious tensions that manifests in the country threatening the Throne of the King.

“The house used by the King to perform rituals has been burned. It’s a serious issue as this is the same ritual house with powers that controls the whole country, please conduct your own investigations” said one of our royal sources.

The incident comes at the time when the King was worried by the political tensions in the country where workers unions are organizing series of strikes against his government.

“The King is very worried and as you might be aware, he is taking few trips these days because he doesn’t understand what is really happening. Normally, before he jets outside the country, he would visits that house to consult with the “gods” and ascertain if it’s safe for him to fly and now it’s a big mess. However traditional healers from all corners of Africa are being engaged to try and find out what’s the meaning of this and possibly fix the situation urgently” said the source.

An independent investigation by this Swaziland News publication uncovered that the Ludzidzini Palace has been “flooded” with foreign traditional healers who are working on the situation as per the instruction of the King. Furthermore, vehicles from the Fire and Emergency Department has been deployed in all the Palaces to monitor further threats of fire and mitigate the situation. But Lucky Lukhele, the Spokesperson of the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SNN) described this as abuse of power by the King for his own religious beliefs.

“It is wrong for the King to use State resources to sustain his own religious beliefs. If someone has his own beliefs be it religiously, Christianity, Muslim or witchcraft like this fellow known as the King, for him to then involve the whole country is wrong. We call upon citizens of the country particularly members of the royal family to stop this as it is not only embarrassing them but the entire country. It is extremely wrong for the King to call all kinds of traditional healers or witch doctors across Africa, transport them using State resources and further pay them with taxpayer’s money. We know people believe in this kind of supernatural powers, that on its own is embarrassing, but we didn’t expect the King to use the little money that the Swazis have to fund this witchcraft,” said the SSN Spokesperson.

Lukhele when responding to the concerns that Fire and Emergency vehicles are now parked in almost all the Palaces to mitigate further threats of fire, emphasized that such amounts to abuse of power.

“That is abuse of power. People are affected by fire now and then in the rural areas but they don’t get assistance. I know for a fact where I come from in the rural areas, we use to call fire fighters but not even one arrived, even if they do arrive that would be after the damage has been done” he said.