Ludzidzini Governor urges Swazi Nation to calm down in an interview


JOHANNESBURG: Lusendvo Fakudze, the acting Ludzidzini Palace Governor has called for calm in the country, he urged Swazis to make sure they attend the coming Incwala ceremony. Speaking to this publication in a telephone interview, the King’s right hand man said the unfortunate incidents that manifested in the country including the burning of the Incwala ritual house should not discourage the Nation from attending the event.

The traditional Prime Minister warned those spreading information that the Incwala will not be held this year after the burning of the ritual house, he said these people have their own agendas. He confirmed that the Royal family was facing some challenges like the death of senior members with the latest victim being Prince Nqaba. At the time of the interview, the news regarding the death of retired Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini had not reached the public domain. “Yes, Prince Nqaba has died and we were burying him some weeks ago(Besimfihla nje kulamalanga laphelilie).

When asked about the recently held Umhlanga Reed Dance Ceremony, the Governor said the event went well even though some of the King’s guests did not attend due to other commitments. He then disputed the sentiments suggesting that the ceremony was for nudity and sex with young girls. “Its not true that this ceremony is for nudity and sex kona nawufuna kudla ungabuka nje bese uyadla-ke ngenhlitiyo (if you wish to have sex with the girls, you can just watch and do so through imagination not physically)” he said.

The Governor said the ceremony managed to attract tourists and visitors even this year. He further confirmed though that one of the King’s guests was unable to attend as he was reportedly not feeling well. “Yes, there was one who did not show up but we are told he was not feeling well. Even though he didn’t show up, the event went well and there were thrones of maidens bekunyakatela(it was a busy event) Nkhosi,” said the Ludzidzini Governor.

The King’s right hand man said the attendance by visitors from China and the magnitude of young women who showed up was proof enough that people love and support this ceremony. Reached for comments, Emmanuel Ndlangamandla, the Executive Director of the Co-ordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organizations(CANGO) said the international criticism regarding the Umhlanga ceremony was unjust as every country have its own cultural values.

“Cultural celebrations are part of any Nation and this is entrenched in the body of human rights including civil, political and cultural rights. When Africa was colonized all that was African was demonized. We see this emerging in post-colonial Africa. As long as our people celebrate culture free from being coerced, I support the exercise of that freedom. However, any abuse of culture for subjugation, I totally reject” he said. The CANGO Executive Director clarified that this was his personal opinion on the subject matter. The ceremony recently came under spot-light from the international media after accusation that it was exposing nudity of young girls and that it has been manipulated as a platform for the King to choose his wives.