We taking one step forward and ten steps backwards

ESwatini Parliament


As a Swazi, there are many things that I do not understand in this country. I will never understand why some of Emaswati in certain positions in this country carry out certain decisions which have nothing to do with the interests of many people.

Whose responsibility is it to safeguard the resources of this country? Responsibility goes hand in hand with efficient utilization of the resources (money, time, people, as well as natural resources). I wonder if the word efficiency ever exists in the language of Emaswati. The truth of the matter is that nobody is responsible for the safeguarding of these resources. If no one is in charge then anybody can strike gold in this country. In other countries they do it differently to us because of high level of education. Please for once do not compare us to USA and UK citizens because they have given the world the worse disasters ever in President Trump and the Brexit debacle. A leadership that does not invest in the education of its citizens from the youngest to the grownups is a bad or poor leadership. Education is described as being good when its quality is forever improving and is accessed by a large proportion of the population of that particular country. If it is not good then the leadership is hell-bent on creating an environment fertile for corruption. Would it be wrong then to deduce that this country is a state that promotes corrupt practices?

There are a number of glaring signs pointing to Eswatini being a corrupt state. There is a tendency of setting up or establishing of institutions which appear to mimic those that are set up in highly developed states where they serve the interests of the citizenry. In illustration of this point, let us look at that costly institution called Parliament. Do MPs have any meaningful role to play in the governance of this country? An MP is as useless as the people who elected him. As third class citizens we have our own definition of an election much different to those who are in the leadership of this country. There is no link between us in the third class and those in the upper class. We use and speak different languages. Generally fools and uneducated people are not given any meaningful role to play in the governance of a country. We are as good as dead. Remember, blacks did not exist in South Africa before independence. We are as good as aliens in this country. Fools and uneducated people are costly to many countries that is why most countries make big efforts to educate their citizens so that they may have a purpose in life. Those that are in the leadership are interested in looting resources, therefore, do not care about setting up institutions to allow us to play significant role in the governance of this country. How do you explain that only the Finance Minister has the sole right to access Reserves without giving explanation to anyone?

Every day and every year Emaswati are denied, systematically, the right to life, education, health, justice, economic prosperity, information and human dignity. There is systematic suppression of the freedom of the press because those in leadership positions are very much aware of the dangers of making the truth known to everyone especially if it has anything to do with squandering of resources. Emaswati are a people who have been lied to one time too many to an extent that we have become accustomed to believing that whatever the leadership says becomes Supreme Court verdict or gospel truth. The appointment of persons to positions of great responsibility is never done in a transparent and or competitive manner. Anyway, why would a person of sound mind ever burden himself with the responsibility of taking the wishes of idiots into consideration when they have no stake in the running of the affairs of this country. Look at the University of Eswatini as an illustration. Why did it take a long time to replace Lydia Makhubu? When Cisco left, a number of qualifying candidates were found to be undeserving and the laws, establishing the University of Eswatini had to be amended to suit the earmarked candidate who is now at the helm of the institution.

This is normal to the majority of Emaswati because we do not have a clue on how the game of power is manipulated to get desired results even when they send our children to the guillotines. What do Emaswati know about independence of the Judiciary? We are a people who do not understand anything about the judiciary because we are just a bunch of fools together with our “learned” friends. We once had a Chief Justice by the name of Ramodibedi. He was a loyal Chief Justice to the powers that be. For one reason or the other they fell out of favour with him. A cabal court was set up but stopped dead on its track to find him guilty and “innocent” Ramodibedi was escorted out of Eswatini to his comfortable home in South Africa. There was nothing wrong with that and a repeat of his behavior would not surprise us because he was a good man to those who mattered then and still are in leadership. Then His Majesty had a trusted servant in the late Barny to whom His Majesty surrendered all of His powers. No one stood in his ways. Barny did as he pleased including taking the money to the grave. In the absence of Barney, the clowns in Parliament are asking a number of questions on Sicunusa-Nhlangano road. They are joined by their sisters in Cabinet who are setting up a forensic audit as if it will help them in one way or the other. It will all come to nothing. Now we are told there is no money in Eswatini. But we have never been told when money used to be everywhere. Anyway, we are ghosts in this country. Let me tell you one thing I have observed in this world. God does not like to be associated with people who have been given all power by other people. If for one reason or the other one finds himself with a lot of power, God expects that person to surrender that power to Him.