The Swazi Queen who died after reporting abuse at Royal family


MBABANE: : King Mswati’s wife Queen Nothando Dube died after she tried in vain to convince the world that she was living a miserable life within the Royal family, after she was allegedly physically assaulted by royal guards.

The Queen, who was King Mswati’s 12th wife, told the international media that he was put under house arrest with her three minor children and prevented from meeting her family and friends. Lusendvo Fakudze, the Ludzidzini Palace Governor recently announced the death of the Queen, however the real cause of the demise was never mentioned.

SABC, a South African TV station reported that the Queen was undergoing skin cancer treatment in an undisclosed hospital in South Africa. “According to reports, she was undergoing skin cancer treatment in an undisclosed hospital in South Africa” the SABC reported. The Queen was one of the prominent and a favorite to members of the public as she joined the Royal family while she was Miss Teen Swaziland; her death literally shocked the Kingdom of eSwatini.

But in 2011, The Mail and Guardian reported that the deceased Queen complained of abuse at the hands of Royal guards.

This was after she was caught in an intimate position with Ndumiso Mamba, the then Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs at the Royal Villas Hotel at Ezulwini. Ludzidzini Palace Governor Lusendvo Fakudze when reached for comments by this Swaziland News said he was not aware that the deceased King’s wife was physically abused within the Palace. He said even if that was true, it would be hard for him to know as his duties does not allow him to have the information unless such is formally reported.

“I would be lying if I can confirm knowledge of the said abuse because we are not privy to such information except for those who work closely with the Emakhosikati. I can only be in a position to know the information when such incidents are formally reported to me. At the moment nothing has been reported in that regard,” said the Ludzidzini Governor. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Swaziland said gender based violence is a persistent challenge, disproportionately affecting women and girls. In a report, the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) said 1 in 3 women experience abuse in the country and it was working towards empowering the civil society and government to develop and implement programmes that discourage gender based violence. The late Queen told the Mail Guardian that she was being put under 24-hour surveillance and the King was refusing to allow her to go home.

“Things has been bad and now they are worse. I really, really want out and I cant, he(the King) is just not let me go. It’s like I am in prison. I am under 24-hour surveillance” she said in an interview with the South African newspaper. The deceased Queen further said every time she wanted to go somewhere, the security team would be aggressive towards her.

“Every time, I wanted to go somewhere, the security guards becomes aggressive with me. It happens about once a week when I try to go somewhere. They literally hit me, they kick and they punch me. I can’t even see a doctor. If I am sick or anything, they have to come to me. My family is not allowed to speak to the King. I am also not allowed to see him. How I am not allowed to see the man that I married? she said.