What’s the interest of MP Marwick on Principal Secretaries reshuffle?


When Members of Parliament (MPs) called for the reshuffling of Principal Secretaries, it became clear to me that certain political forces now want to influence the removal of Controlling Officers who are a stumbling block to their hidden interests.

I am convinced that this was actually the submission of Marwick Khumalo who imposed it to some of the ‘low minded’ MPs. These legislators, perhaps due to lack of political experience don’t understand how Khumalo has been manipulating Parliament and the media to push his business and political interests.

It was extremely shameful that a whole MP with over 20 years of political experience could wake up in the morning, went to Parliament to submit before Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini that he must consider reshuffling Controlling Officers. What make matters worse, there were no convincing reasons why Khumalo wants Principal Secretaries reshuffled except for the usual politicking that some don’t respect Ministers merely because they have occupied the positions for too long. It is very disturbing that these sentiments suggesting that some Controlling Officers have occupied positions for too long came from an MP who has been in politics for over twenty (20) years, no one ever called for his retirement or criticized him for refusing to give other young Swazis a chance. Yes, he may claim the people who vote for him should decide his political future and that he is still popular among the voters. But then, what concerns me about Marwick is that he seems to abuse his Parliamentary privileges to discuss matters that fall outside his jurisdiction. As a long serving MP, he knows who appoints Principal Secretaries and he must just go to the Palace and tell King Mswati to reshuffle the Controlling Officers, maybe he will entertain him.

It was very unfair for the Principal Secretaries for an MP to just wake up in the morning to speak “nonsense” in Parliament calling for their reshuffle without convincing reasons. After all, these Controlling Officers have no platform to rebuke this,as the media is controlled by political syndicates. It should be noted that in every working environment heated works are sometimes exchanged, in the event a Minister and a PS disagree that does not mean the former should be removed from the position. MP Marwick Khumalo has exchanged heated words with many politicians and senior government officials; no one has ever called for his retirement in politics.

But in this case, it is clear that the MP’s political syndicate might be targeting a PS who is a stumbling block to certain business dealings. I can quote series of motions and or submissions made by Marwick Khumalo in Parliament that were not in the interest of the country but his business associates. He was vocal in the fixed phones debates in Parliament just because his friend and business associate was supplying the then Swaziland Post and Telecommunication Corporation (SPTC) and as a result, their millions were at stake. Members of the public who don’t do research might think Marwick always speak for the public, however most of his submissions in Parliament have secret motives. It will take sometime for the country to have honest MPs, those whom we think always make submissions in the public interest are actually political ‘thugs’ who are getting richer while the Swazis remain poor.

It is surprising that out of all the social and economic challenges affecting this country whose solutions should come from all the pillars of government including Parliament, the only thing that flashes on MP Khumalo’s mind now is the reshuffling of Principal Secretaries. But then, let me state clearly that as a country, we are in serious trouble, the people who are in power seems not prepared to rescue this country except to push their interests. As the situation stands, one would expect Parliament, the media, Judiciary, the Executive and all stakeholders to come up with constructive ideas on how to rescue the country from the looming social, economic and political hardships not these submission driven by hidden motives. But in all this, I blame the media for promoting and portraying Marwick Khumalo as the only smarted MP in the country. For the past twenty years, the media strives to portray Khumalo as the only MP who speak something that makes sense in Parliament, does that mean all the other legislators are stupid?. The media should be ashamed of itself for disregarding the interest of this country in favor of one man who has been controlling Parliament and selling Senate seats to the rich with impunity.

Let me state clearly that if Marwick Khumalo is not stopped from manipulating Parliament for his own benefit, one day he will emerge as one of the richest man, collude with his syndicate and control the structures of the country. Even now, one could tell that the House of Assembly is fully controlled by Marwick and his syndicate, he managed to lobby for the election of his ‘puppet’ Speaker and we eagerly waiting to see the political drama that that might erupt. After all, we might witness critical debates that are not in the interest of the country but political factions might use our Parliament as a battlefield to advance business interests and or political ambitions.

It’s not in the interest of this country that every time there’s a Parliament sitting, the media will ignore some of the submissions made by other MPs to promote Marwick and those linked to his political syndicate.

I don’t want to believe that out of all the MPs, only Marwick Khumalo is smarter. The only problem here is that this country operates with factions and or syndicates that seize control of the media and Parliament among other governing structures. Even now, it is highly possible that we have intelligent MPs who made constructive submissions in Parliament, but the press decided to promote Marwick by telling the whole country that Principal Secretaries should be reshuffled, what a shame!. I would once again mention that this country is in serious trouble with these syndicates that involves the media. I may be persecuted for writing critical articles but no one will ever fight the truth and be successful, we can’t allow this country to be ruled and controlled by corrupt and dangerous syndicates.

As a country, we need to be very vigilant now, the current financial situation suggest that any mistake, we might lose control of this Kingdom, those who has been looting the money are buying seats in Parliament and fast becoming more powerful. What is it that Marwick have done for the country except to loot money? A recent scandal is the land worth about E500, 000.00 that was bought by Khumalo from his friend Victor Gamedze’s Family Trust at E12million. This is a clear case of corruption by Marwick Khumalo but because this country is a huge joke, nothing will be done except for the media to portray him as the smarted MP. But then, this MP is smart when it comes to looting and he knows how to strategically position himself by using his political power.

In conclusion, let me warn that as a country, its just a matter of time before we regret for allowing these politicians to loot our resources and collude with powerful businesspeople to seize control of Parliament.