MP “Baceth” disappears with Inyatsi Construction’s boss money.


MBABANE: Hosea Member of Parliament Mduduzi “Baceth” Mabuza has locked horns with Inyatsi Construction Managing Director Derrick Shiba after the former allegedly disappeared with monies belonging to latter’s football team, Nsingizini Hot Spurs.

MP Mabuza who owns businesses worth millions of Emalangeni is the Director of Baceth Hardware and brother Jabulani Mabuza, the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative. This Swaziland News Centre for Investigative Journalism uncovered that this was part of the long-standing dispute between the MP and previous administrators of Hosea Inkhundla where the Mabuza threatened to shoot the then incumbent Member of Parliament Thulani Masuku who hails from Nsingizini chiefdom. It has been gathered that in the midst of that tension on or around December 2018, MP Mduduzi Mabuza sponsored a festive tournament to the tune of E12, 000.00 that was subsequently won by Shiba’s football team. However, when it was time for presentation, the MP allegedly stated in no uncertain terms he would not fork out his money for the team that comes from Nsingizini, a chiefdom that had issues with him. When this Swaziland News Centre for Investigative Journalism questioned the MP on the matter, he joined the fast lane, avoiding to respond to our questions.

“Whom I’m speaking to? he asked, and after learning that he was speaking to this journalist he paused for a while to hear the question before terminating the conversation. But Derrick Shiba, the Managing Director of Inyatsi Construction when reached for comments confirmed the MP was on the run with their money adding that they had since reported the matter to the law enforcement agencies to help them locate the MP. “We reported the matter to the police and we are waiting for their feedback as a formal case was opened with them but they are taking time” said the Inyatsi boss. Shiba said the dispute with the MP came after they won the tournament where as Champions they were entitled to E4 450,00 first price money, however the MP was suppose to pay E5,850,00 after disappearing with another E1300.00 for another Cup last September.

Swazi Police Spokesperson Phindile Vilakati failed to comment on the matter when asked by this publication at the time of compiling this report. Vilakati said she was her hands were currently tight on the matter. The police normally refuse to comment on matters that touch on wealthy businesspeople to try and protect them from being exposed by the media. Thulani Masuku, the former Hosea Member of Parliament confirmed that the MP once threatened to shoot him and that he was now refusing to present the money to Nsingizini Hot Spurs. “I can confirm that Mabuza refused to present money to the football team because the boys come from Nsingizini” he said. When asked if ‘its true that this was part of the long standing political dispute between him and Mabuza, the former MP responded to the affirmative, saying he was even threatened with a gun by the wealthy businessman. “Even when he was announced the eventual winner, eye witnesses confirmed that he celebrated by firing gunshots, I cannot be sure about that as I had left by the time the elections results were announced” he said But Mbekiseni Shongwe, the coach of Nsingizini Hot Spurs coach Hluthi Police Station Commander recently gave them an update that he was still working on the matter. Shongwe first pleaded with this journalist not to publish as the matter was with the police and they were hoping that the MP might pay them. “The Station commander is in contact with our boss Derrick Shiba and the police promised to assist us on the matter. Can you put the story on hold while we wait to see whether the police are solving the matter or not. But we really don’t understand why Mabuza is refusing to hand over the money as this is the second time he did this to us” he said.

It has been disclosed that Mabuza was still bitter over elections wars that he fought with the previous administrators of Hosea Inkhundla, some who are from Nsingizini. “He strongly believes we never voted for him and the whole Nsingizini Chiefdom was against him. We don’t understand why he is involving us in these politics, we just need the money that we won in the two tournaments” the coach said. Adam “Bomber” Mtsetfwa, the President of the National Football Association of eSwatini said he would have to find out the role of his organization in such matters. “As far as I understand you, these are the tournaments for MPs during festive seasons and I don’t think we have a role in that regard. Anyway, I will need to consult with office how we can respond on this issue. Maybe you can contact the office as well” he said.

Thulani Masuku