Investigation reveals: PM leaves office with over R100million wealth


JOHANNESBURG: Out-going Swazi Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini will leave office with an estimated wealth of over R100million (over $10million), an independent investigation reveals. The PM generated some of his millions through his shady secret dealings with the Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) through a company known as Fusini Investments (PTY) LTD that pocketed about R10million in a high questionable land transaction. The land was bought by the PM from government with R93, 120.00 in 2005 and by the year 2015 the it was sold to the Pension Fund with R7.5 million thus generating a shocking over 800 percent profit. Cabinet whose Chairman is the PM recently stopped a high level investigation by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) whose terms of reference seek to uncovered irregularities in the manner investments are conducted by the PSPF. The decision by the government to interfere and stop the probe triggered tension between the fund and the worker’s federation. Mduduzi Gina, the Secretary General of Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) said the decision by government to stop the probe suggest that something was being hidden at the Pension Fund.

“That probe must continue as we want to know what is going on there. The office of the FSRA have all the powers to conduct the investigations and if they had reasonable suspicions that a probe must be carried out, that suspicions are enough and they cannot therefore be stopped by the Executive arm of government. The decision to stop the probe will create more suspicions that government is afraid that something might come out from the probe and expose them of stealing the money” he said. But an independent investigation conducted by this Swaziland News publication uncovered a bundle of documentary proof that the PM generated millions of Emalangeni and part of these huge monies came from the PSPF. When reached for comments regarding his dealings, the PM only expressed concerns with the things consistently written about him by this publication.

“I am not happy with the things you’ve been writing about me, if you focusing on me just do so without involving other people” he said.

Cleopas Dlamini, the PSPF CEO could not be reached for comments as his phone rang and later it became busy. Information gathered further suggests that the PM owns various properties including farms around the country; he accumulated most of these assets while holding public office. Documents further reveal that the outgoing Head of Government was linked to a company Peacock Transport that benefitted millions from tenders through Kukhanya and Inyatsi Construction. The evidence further suggests that on 24 September 2014, Peacock Transport signed a contract with Gabriel Counto/Kukhanya Joint Venture in the Nhlangano-Scunusa Road Project that saw the PM’s linked company pocketing about R10million. The actual amount as reflected in the documents in our possession is E8, 865,080.00(Eight Million, Eight hundred and Sixty Five Thousand and Eighty Emalangeni) and it excludes other monies that might have arised in the performance of the duties.

But sources linked to the multi-million project disclosed that the figure was actually more that the close to R10million reflected in the contract. This publication has seen a provision in the contract suggesting that Peacock Transport could be paid more than the figure stated in the document in the event additional work arise. “It’s possible that the money reached even R20million or more based on the invoices that were presented. I think the rate was increased intentionally to include the PM’s token of appreciation for the tender. I would make an example, a job that cost R1,00 for other sub-contractors would be done for R5,00 if its Peacock Transport. So the money ended going up” said one of our sources.

Documents further reveal that Barnabas Sibusiso Muzi, Fikile Dlamini-Gama and Sindisiwe Dlamini own Peacock Transport; these are Prime Minister’s children. Information gathered further suggest that the PM would on numerous occasions award tender to companies to which he stand to benefit.

This is one of the richest Prime Ministers in the history of the Kingdom of eSwatini who is also entitled to terminal benefits that collectively amounts to over R30million in terms of the Circular No 1 of 2013. These benefits include cars to be funded by taxpayers including fuel. The taxpayer will also provide security for the PM upon retirement including salaries of the bodyguards. The PM is also entitled to the now controversial house whose figure according to designs stands to reach R10million.