’I have seen a lot in this country’

Mfomfo Nkambule


I have been around for some time, and I would be a big liar or dishonest to myself, if I could say I do not know Emaswati very well. Born in the early 1960s I have seen a lot in this country and have interacted with many of Emaswati from my children to the greatest of them all. I have seen some of these people change from being nice people to totally insensitive and blind to facts and reality. In this country, King Mswati rules and he needs no assistance from anyone else because his word is final, what he says goes. There was a time when we thought the late Barny was his right-hand man, but Barny left our King with an egg on his face and the King has to wipe it off his face alone with no help from any man.

This country has three classes of Emaswati. The first class is made up of King Mswati's children. The second class is that of King Sobhuza ll"s children and some of their children. The third class is made up of everybody else (no matter what position one may hold). Those that are in the third class are not expected to use their ability to reason, think and analyze any situation they may face when carrying out duties assigned to them by those that are in a class higher than theirs.

Emaswati are people who lack self-esteem, they do not believe that God Almighty gave them the capacity to think, reason and pursue happiness and their dreams that the Lord planted in their hearts. Some do not believe in God the Father of Jesus Christ. They are easily intimidated by the status of a person(s) made by God. Instead of tackling problems that they face in their lives, they simply burrow their heads in the sand and hope that the problem will disappear with time.

One of the greatest challenges we are facing as a country is the ineffectiveness of Parliament. As the situation stands, so many things are wrong and these include one of the foundations of any country which is the education crisis and the Parliament is silent about this. We seem to feel comfortable with our lack of education and have gotten used to staying in the dark. We see nothing and can’t move an inch. As citizens, we are intimidated by these powerful individuals who force us to be loyal to them. The issuing of directives and decrees is part of our upbringing. This kind of leadership has denied us chances of bringing up our children who will question the decisions we make and debate issues so as to get used to the power of the collective without being termed rebellious. Under normal circumstances, ideas and decisions that impact the citizens needs to be debated or interrogated before being implemented. However, that is not happening in this country as we have "yes" men and women who are perpetually looking for favors. This country is devoid of critical thinkers because by design we are not supposed to think. No wonder those in a position of leadership make colossal mistakes and or disasters, they do not believe in us. We are just pieces of trash ready to be burned in the incinerator. We are just a bunch of losers who have surrendered our intelligence to those in leadership positions.