We clashed over EBC females with Judge Mzwandile---Commissioner Ncumbi


JOHANNESBURG :Ncumbi Maziya, the controversial Commissioner of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) alleged that they used to clash with the then Deputy Chairman Mzwandile Fakudze over female staff members. This is contained in highly sensitive documentary evidence in possession of this Swaziland News publication that discloses details of a meeting attended by EBC Commissioners at Nkhanini next to the Ludzidzini Palace. As a result, the Commissioner claimed he advised King Mswati to appoint Fakudze a Judge of the High Court as a way of removing him from the Commission. In the evidence, Ncumbi Maziya, a close ally of King Mswati described High Court Judge Mzwandile Fakudze as a person who was causing trouble within the EBC hence he advised the King to appoint him a Judge as a way of removing him from the Commission.

“Phela Mzwandile ngamhambisa ngamabomu ngoba ngabona kutsi nguye lolosididako. Mzwandile bekashaya ema double standard, ngatsi Ngwenyama kuncono abe Lijaji lomuntfu lona. Uboyibuta iNgwenyama kutsi lendzaba yaMzwandile yafika njani naNcumbi. Phela Mzwandile bekasi confuser(meaning: I deliberately advised the King to remove Mzwandile and appoint him a Judge. You can even ask the King how I came up with the idea that he should be removed, he was confusing us here”) said the EBC Commissioner in the documentary proof. Maziya further alleged that on numerous occasions, they used to clash with Judge Fakudze over female staff members within the EBC.

“He wasn’t a Deputy lomuntfu lona, kancane kancane sibanga naye tintfombi lana Mnfwanenkhosi (meaning: On numerous occasions, we use to fight over women with him here Your Highness). I didn’t even told you that some of the female staff would complain that Deputy is proposing love to us, can you imagine? So how can we work with that person, it wouldn’t be workable if he was still within the EBC. Its better that he went to execute the Gospel Truth where he is now so that we can remain here working” said the Commissioner. Maziya further alleged that the Judge was lobbying to bounce back as Chairman of the EBC and vowed to frustrate those moves.

“Ngiyeva nje batsi ufuna kubuya lana abe nguChairman, ngeke aze abuye ngikhona, utobuya ngingekho(meaning: I am told he wants to come back as Chairman of the Commission, that would never happen while I’m here” he said.

The PeP President further informed the court that a public officer is a person who works for Government adding that Article 92(I) of the Republican Constitution clearly points our clearly that Edgar Lungu “is the Head of Government” He alleged that the President obtained the property in his capacity as the Head of Government and or a public officer.

“For purposes of examining whether the purported presidential land gift violates Section 21(1)(b) of the Anti-Corruption Act, we can first of all summarize the positions by stating that the offence of abuse of office under this section occurs: When a public official uses their official positions to obtain property for themselves or another person, or when a public official uses information obtained as a result of their official functions to obtain property, an advantage or benefit” for themselves or another person” read the court papers.

The evidence suggests that the meeting was attended by among others, EBC Chairman Chief Gija Dlamini, Commissioner Princess Nkosungumenzi and EBC Head of Secretariat Richard Phungwayo. Judge Mzwandile did not respond to a message sent to him after a call was made, however in a previous comment with this reporter he said he was no longer with the EBC and as such he cannot speak on issues that happened there.

“As you know that I am no longer with the EBC I cant give you any comment on such matters, you are now speaking to a Judge” he said. Ncumbi Maziya did not respond to a message sent to him regarding the documentary proof in possession, however our systems indicate that he did receive it.