Zimbabwean political analyst Mapanzure predicts win for ZANU-PF in an interview


JOHANNESBURG :Prominent Zimbabwean political analyst Nyasha Mapanzure said the lack of political experience on Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will see ZANU-PF winning the highly anticipated elections next week. ZANU-PF stands for Zimbabwean African National Union-Patriotic Front and it’s leader Emerson Mnangwangwa is expected to become the next democratically elected President should the political party win the elections. The elections in Zimbabwe come after the then President Robert Mugabe was forced out of power by the army in what some political analysts described as a silent coup.

Speaking to this Swaziland News publication in an exclusive interview, Mapanzure said according to his own analysis, the political blunders committed by Nelson Chamisa of the MDC will cost the opposition party the elections as he always complained and calling for reforms within the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission (ZEC) instead of working on strategies on how to win the elections.

“All he is trying to do is to incite the people of Zimbabwe to gather and create animosity against the government which can erupt into unnecessary violence or unnecessary demonstrations that can see properties damaged across the country. I believe it is high time Nelson Chamisa knows that the international community is already in Zimbabwe. We have 47 countries in Zimbabwe to observe the elections. So for him to continuously cry, the international community is looking at him and they are going to know he is just burking “said the political analyst But Professor David Moore, a political analyst when interviewed by the SABC News predicted the possibility of a run-off or alternately a government of National Unity. He said it was possible that President Mnangwangwa might lead with 47 percent with Chamisa and other candidates sharing the 43 percent.

“Then that would force a run-off or alternately a government of National Unity which might make the elections more credible. Otherwise, in the midst of the run-off we might witness more political tension and reports of violence” he said. Nyasha Mapazure maintained that ZANU-PF will get a decisive victory saying Chamisa does not have power in his own party except the support of the MDC members adding that, in the absence of a convincing political strategy to win the elections, that was not enough.

“Whenever he has a rally, all he does is to scold the President and his Vice, Chiwega and to make matters worse he has now joined forces with Robert Mugabe whom we removed in November 2017. He has been going to Robert Mugabe’s house seeking advice and he is saying that Mugabe should give him money to enhance the elections. We might see Mugabe coming in and saying he is supporting Chamisa” he said.

During an open debate on AfroWorld View TV in South Africa, Lovemore Chukucha accused the political analyst of promoting ZANU-PF instead of analyzing the political situation in Zimbabwe. “Nyasha is promoting ZANU-PF, where did he get the statistics that we don’t have support? We do have support, it just that we are calling for free and fair elections, that’s what we are complaining about. For now we are seeing the ZEC taking orders from ZABU-PF” he said Bur Nyasha said for the MDC leader to join forces with Mugabe was a huge political mistake as the international community was against the former President.

“How can he now endorse the person whom the Zimbabwean hated the most, is he hating the name ZANU-PF or Mugabe? He seems to be fighting the name ZANU-PF as opposed to the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. How can you dine with the enemy of the Zimbabweans? Nelson Chamisa is putting people on the wrong path and I don’t think he is a suitable leader to be the head of Zimbabwe” he said.

Mapanzure said according to his own observation, Chamisa was failing to manage the political party the way the late MDC leader Morgan Tsangarai managed it.

“MDC is going to lose, come 31 July, it’s just few days from now and we are looking forward to a resounding victory for ED.Investors are ready to invest and they know the right person for their businesses is Emerson Mnagwangwa, he is a businessman and has got business ideas which the whole world can see. That’s why the British and Americans are supporting him. Chamisa doesn’t have support even from the British who are fundamental in the rebuilding of Zimbabwe” he said. The political analyst said the international community now understands the kind of person Chamisa is, adding that he was a young man seeking to cause confusion in that country.