Victor Gamedze’s wife, elders fight over Mbabane Swallows millions


JOHANNESBURG :Victor Gamedze’s wife Princess Lungile is reportedly at loggerheads with elders of Mbabane Swallows over monies amounting to millions that were discovered in the giant football team’s bank account. This comes after the late influential, powerful and political connected businessman secretly colluded with a prominent lawyer to incorporate the football team with the Registrar of Companies as one of his assets. Now it has emerged that elders of the team are accusing the late businessman of using tricks to steal the team from its rightful owners being members of the public. They demand that the millions in the team’s bank account and locked in the Estate of the businessman be returned to Mbabane Swallows. As the cold war between the elders and Princess Lungile intensify, the widow is alleged to have then arranged an interview with seasoned Swazi Observer Sports editor Mphikeleli Msibi where she finally admitted that the team was actually not the late businessman personal property but the rightful owners are members of the public. But insiders told this Swaziland News publication that the Princess did the interview under duress after the elders threatened to go public and spill the beans on how he stole the team by registering it as his company without proper consultation.

“That interview was done under duress, it was not genuine. She was under pressure as the elders were threatening to go public and expose how her husband literally stole the team and that she was refusing to release the money in the team’s bank account. Just imagine, recently players wanted to see her for signing of contracts and she said they can only meet her after making an appointment. As we speak the players are frustrated and others want to leave the team” said an insider. But Mphikeleli Msibi, the Swazi Observer Sports editor who managed to speak to the widow said his exclusive interview with the Princess was genuine adding that it was him who initiated it as the widow was reluctant to speak to the media.

“The interview was genuine, in fact she did not want to speak to the media. It was after a number of failed attempts that she eventually agreed to grant me the interview,” said the seasoned journalist.

During the interview with Swazi Observer Sports Desk, the Princess clarified that her husband registered the team in trust for the Mbabane Swallows family so that it would be easy to run it. But an insider told this publication that shortly after the death of the powerful businessman, the Princess allegedly created confusion within the team that might affect its impressive performance witnessed over the years. According to credible sources, Princess Lungile allegedly questioned why some players were paid huge amounts of money despite that some of them were not holding academic qualifications. This was before she disclosed to the Swazi Observer Sports desk that it was costing around R400, 000.00(Four hundred Thousand) to run the team. “The Princess also questioned why some players were paid such huge amounts of money as salaries. She asked what qualifications are they holding to earn so much. How can you ask a player who is producing results in the field, what qualification he is holding? If she is not stopped urgently she might destroy the team, she doesn’t understand football” said an insider.

But Mphikeleli Msibi, the Sports editor said during his engagement with the Princess in the interview, he came to understand that she was not actually refusing with the money but only gave the elders an assignment to create a proper structure of the team so she can transfer the funds

“She advised them to get someone who can run the team because she was never involved in it even while her husband was alive. She promised to hand over the money once they are ready with the establishment of the team structure” he said.

An independent investigation by this Swaziland News publication uncovered that among the millions locked within the now controversial estate of the late powerful businessman are those from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions where Mbabane Swallows performed well and became the first Swazi football team to reach group stages. Efforts by this publication to get comments from the Princess proved unsuccessful and calls made Sandile Zwane, the Mbabane Swallows General Manager did not yield positive results. “Hello, your telephone line is not clear, I can’t hear you well,” said the team’s General Manager. However, this publication later made another effort by sending a message to Zwane to which he did not respond. But Adam “Bomber” Mtsetfwa, the President of the National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) when reached for comments said the matter was more administrative adding that as the Football Association they only deal with football clubs when they compete internationally.

“It sounds more administrative. As you know teams are affiliated to the Premier League and we only deal with them when they compete internationally like in CAF” he said

When told that some of the monies that are believed to have created the conflict are those from CAF, the FA President said in that case, it would be better for this journalist to contact Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Frederick Mngomezulu. “If that’s the case, I think it would be proper to contact Mngomezulu” he said