President Erdogan brutality on SA protesters against his dictatorship


JOHANNESBURG :Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was in South Africa for the BRICKS Summit allegedly commanded his bodyguards to brutally assault South African Nationals who were protesting within Turkish Embassy The SA citizens were calling for an end to the dictatorship regime of the President in that country were human rights violations have become an order of the day

As a result the Turkish Solidarity Network (TSN) based in South Africa has issued a statement calling upon the international community to unite in support of the people of Turkey who are reportedly suppressed under the now dictatorship regime of the President. Majesty Mnyandu, the TSN Interim Chairperson said the intention of the protest was to let the President know that they were no longer tolerating the dictatorship and abuse of human rights in that country.

“Turkey Solidarity Network (TSN) would like to thank all people that came to picket at the new Turkey Embassy in Tshwane this morning. The intention of today’s picket (26 July 2018) was to let the Turkish President and the whole world know that South Africans are democratic by nature and as such, they will not tolerate the hosting of a dictator in their home ground. It was also the intention to pledge practical solidarity to the oppressed people of Turkey and assure them that we are aware of what is happening in their country and offer then our full solidarity” he said.

The TSN Chairperson said the violence perpetrated by the President during the protest march was a clear demonstration to the international community that violence was meted on a daily basis to the people of Turkey. “We are not surprised nor are we deterred in our quest for the liberation of the people of Turkey. As South Africans, we fully understand the power of the international solidarity to the people of Turkey and our Kurdish brothers and sisters who continue to suffer under the oppressive yoke of Edorgan regime.” he said.

Majesty said the violence would not deter them to continue their campaign to fight for human rights in Turkey and “calling for the isolation of Erdogan regime and for the people of Turkey to enjoy human rights and democracy that we enjoy today”. He said they remain inspired by words of Martin Luther King Jnr that an injustice anywhere in the world is a threat to justice everywhere.

“We remain resolute in our quest for justice for the people of Turkey. It is with that in mind that we commit ourselves to build a strong Turkey Solidarity Network all over the world” he said.