The political system that sabotages’ intelligent people

Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane


Sometime ago there used to be a Reverend by the name of Solomon Nxumalo who was an employee of the then Swaziland Electricity Board (now called EEC). This Reverend had some writing skills which were lost when he stopped writing. No matter how intelligent you could be, you were assured of picking up something in-between the lines. Unfortunately, Swaziland is not for intelligent people, only idiots survive in this country and I really do not understand how. This country makes life difficult for Emaswati whose intelligence is far above the stupidity of those in leadership. One statement written by the Reverend said, “When a fish begins to rot it starts with the head”. I am now sure that the Reverend must have noticed a lot of wrong with the head of his organization but the people he was talking to were not the ones who could do anything about the situation for reasons best known to them.

One thing I have come to realize in this country is that the leadership has organized syndicates. The groups or factions are used now and again to carry out certain tasks that are not acceptable in a civilized society. In Eswatini, there is no good governance and it shall never be observed as long as those in leadership positions do not believe in it. All this leadership is thinking about is living large at a great cost to those who are being led willingly or unwillingly. In this country, if one belongs to the 3rd class lot, he or she is not different from a tool that is always used for the convenience of those who need it at that particular point in time. An idiot is systematically reminded that he/she belongs to the third class lot and should never misbehave (show a higher level of intelligence than those in leadership). If he does, then he is quietly stripped of his human dignity so that all other idiots are stopped dead on their tracks of outwitting the clever fools in leadership.

A clever fool is a person who believes that there is something good in this leadership. When a third class person gets appointed into a position of responsibility, all they ever think of is to congratulate that individual, no one bothers to ask appointees why they have been appointed in the first place. It should be noted that people who are secretly appointed are likely to work secretly and you are to be answerable to the appointing authority. They are not expected to be smart and demonstrate common sense, the leadership of this country is always aggressive to those who demonstrate intelligence. This is why the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) remains poorly ranked in Africa and poorly funded. This is made easy by the fact that in this country it is “every man for himself and God for us all”. But as citizens, we seem not to see anything wrong with this. I like calling our MPs clowns because they have no duty or responsibility in that House other than to behave like baboons, monkeys and domesticated elephants. Sometime ago, a Commission was set up to look into remunerations for “politicians” and Councillors who may assist the King if he deems fit, but a serious omission was made in the terms of references for this commission.

Somebody forgot to tell them that these “politicians” are not in office for more than 5 years therefore; they always go back to zero remuneration after every 5 years. In the spirit of Nation building, it would be logic to assume that those not in the civil service, are people who are asked to volunteer than to be in gainful employment. This would be in the interest of the people, taking into consideration the fact that a majority of this poor people are not educated and skilled. PM should have been paid at E50 000 and the others to follow. This can’t happen when the intention was to live large at a great cost to the majority of the people of this country.

Who is responsible for teaching the uneducated clowns whom we elect, in our ignorance, as MPs from our different constituencies? These idiots ought to be educated on the role of Parliament as embodied in UK’s model of Parliament since it was our colonial masters’ design plan to give the people of Swaziland (Eswatini) a role to play in the governance of this country. I am sure you will agree with me that it was the wisdom of the fools that brought about the marginalization of the majority of the Eswatini people in having any role to play in the governance of this country. This was fuelled by lack of education of the Eswatini people then and that situation has not changed since 1968. What is the use of many Emaswati possessing junior degrees but still thinking like people that have never been trained or educated? Our clowns are never trained because there is no task for them to do in that House of Parliament. They are not different from herd boys who are good at playing marbles.