Shame on you Barnabas for destroying our teachers


When out-going Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini systematically introduced policies that seek to destroy the teaching and other significant professions by introducing incentives for security forces who thrash protesters, we never thought it will reach this stage. Now the teachers who contributed to what we are today including the future of those in power are struggling, all this because of Barnabas whose greediness and desire for self-enrichment at the expense of the working class has manifested to political disaster. This reminds me of a telephone conversation I had with the Prime Minister sometime last year where he boldly said his multi-million house would be built despite the economic challenges. At the time, I was interviewing the PM over the phone asking where the money to build his house will come from considering the economic challenges, he said the country should do anything and make sure he gets that house as stipulated in Circular No1 of 2013. Well, let me state categorically that personally, I don’t have a problem with the PM receiving his retirement benefits like any other employed individual but particularly concerned with his political ambitions to loot this country at the expense of the civil servants who are now trapped into debts. As I write this article, I’m just thinking how this country will look like in the future as government continues to suppress teachers who are expected to shape the destiny of our children. But before my ink went dry, let hasten to say shame on you Barnabas for destroying our country. Shame on you PM for stealing taxpayers money, even your grave will be never run dry of tears as civil servants will remember you for pushing them to poverty. Shame on you King Mswati for being greed and selfish, you instructed Barnabas to steal our money and buy you a jet, now your government claims there is none for civil servants. Shame on you Your Majesty, you will be remembered as one of the most corrupt and selfish Kings in the history of the Swazi Monarch. I’m ashamed to be called a Swazi because of your corrupt, greediness and brutal leadership that rendered our country a home of poverty. Once again, shame on you Barnabas and King Mswati, you collectively planted this political seed that is slowly geminating into a disaster.

Now, our country is now being turned into a war zone between civil servants and security forces, we never thought it reach this stage in our lifetime but Barnabas driven by political arrogance and greediness promoted a culture of corruption with impunity at the expense of the now struggling civil servants. Even these police officers that brutally assault teachers have children whose future depends on the teachers and one wonders what would happen should these teachers decide to abuse their powers as well by engaging in a go slow and produce failures in all the schools? Barnabas, even though he seems sick now, must know that everyone, including a security guard is powerful in his own space and they will come at time when these police officers will regret for beating our teachers, that is if they are concerned with the future of their children. As the situation stands, this country is hopeless and its future is slowly being shattered, all because of Barnabas and Mswati who think we are not citizens but their subjects in this country. How can security officers attack teachers in their own private property and claim to be maintaining law and order that is “absolute nonsense”.

The truth of the matter is that the Tinkhundla system of governance has failed to unite and develop this country and one day it will fall, there is no doubt about that. King Mswati and his boy Barnabas must know that we, the current generation, will not tolerate the political “nonsense” that manifests in our country. Barnabas and Mswati are destroying the teaching profession knowing that their children and grandchildren will study overseas while our kids receives the poor education where schools operate with no budget with teachers reporting for duty with empty stomachs due to government refusal to approve Cost of Living Adjustment. I am not writing this article only in my capacity as an editor but a parent who fully understand what the plight of teachers mean to the future of our children; this is actually a national crisis. The truth of the matter is that a country cannot develop with police and soldiers alone, these institutions are only there to protect the interest of the ruling regime, and they contribute nothing to the economy. As the financial challenges intensify, we might witness the exodus of professionals to other countries, this will hit hard in the economy.

The shooting of protesters in particular teachers, will come as a huge cost for this country, the day Swazis decide enough is enough, it would be chaos. Under normal circumstances, police are there to protect civilians not to shoot them like what Raphael “Mashekesheke” Maseko did to teachers before Maxwell Myeni overpowered him. This country is struggling economically and even those who have been supporting this undemocratic Tikhundla system will start thinking otherwise when the financial challenges starts to bite. However, it is worse in the teaching profession and the entire government employees who are not in positions of power where they can loot money easily.

But then, all this should be attributed to King Mswati and Barnabas, they have looted this country even when evidence that its broke, is available for everyone to see. The sentiments that Mswati cannot be blamed for the challenges in this country as he is mislead by those around him are political misguided, the King is a 50 year-old man, old enough to know what is wrong and right. We cannot therefore keep on blaming Barnabas, where is Mswati when all this political ills manifests in our country. They both agreed with Barnabas to steal taxpayers money and buy an over R500million jet while government claims there is no money for civil servants.. But then, we hope God will give us more days so we can witness when and how this dictatorship regime that has rendered our lives miserable will end. The truth of the matter is that it cannot stand forever.