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Prince Svandzi: King never issued an order to arrest Swaziland News editor

Monday, 30th December, 2019

MBABANE: King Mswati’s child Prince Svandzisemakhosi said the Monarch never issued any order for the arrest of the Managing editor of this Swaziland News Zweli Martin Dlamini.

Speaking to this publication, the Prince said there are people even within Royalty who are working very hard to isolate the King so that he cannot know the truth on what is really happening in the country.

“Mlangeni I can confidently confirm that the King never issued any order that you should be arrested. When I spoke to him about this, he was shocked such that he even said: how can I arrest ‘Zwemart’ because he is also helping me to know the truth on what is going on in the country by publishing the truth, how can I arrest a journalist? He was even worried that everytime he sends people to call you nitovuselana, they create stories that he issued an order for your arrests, that’s not true. They want you to hate the King such that you would even refuse to meet him. He is very frustrated Mlangeni, and he needs the truth because everytime he commands those around him to establish projects that will benefit the people, they manipulate the projects and set him against the people. Some of the truthfulness of these things, he reads them in your paper.” said the Prince.

The Prince said he will not sit down and allow people to manipulate the name of his father by portraying him as a person who suppress journalists. He said the people are working tirelessly to ensure that they isolate the King so that he may consistently receive false information from them.

“Even on the matter of Prince Mzwandile you published Nkhosi, Mzwandile walapha ekhaya siyamati yena-ke waba nenhlanhla washayelelwa neX5, ahlala kagogo Makhanya, Liphovela la Sobhuza. Mane inkinga yakhe ufuna iattention yeNkhosi, labanye bamtjela kutsi utawuba yiNkhosi (meaning Mzwandile is our brother, he was even driven in an X5 staying with Make  LaMakhanya, the fiancé of the late King Sobhuza), the problem with us as royalty is that we don’t have a vibrant PRO-who would be clarifying these things and protect the image of the King. He is also a person with feelings, it’s true he has children out-of-wedlock and I am one of them, but Mzwandile is not telling the truth that he was neglected.” he said.

The Prince said he was aware that people are living in poverty, particularly in the rural areas, but he said the King has tried to establish projects to capacitate them, however, the money would just disappear and looted by those around him before it reaches the people.

“Mlangeni, I can tell you with confidence, there are people who are intimidated by your writing skills, they don’t want the King to know the truth. Some of those who wanted you arrested are dead and some are no longer in positions, they know the King takes what you write seriously. Fortunately, you are in contact with some of the King’s children, we will tell you if indeed there’s an order to arrest you. This is a propaganda that seeks to create a vacuum between you and the King,” said the Prince.

The Prince said even though some of the King’s children interact with the editor, they are not interfering with his duties as a journalist, despite that he is critical of Monarch.

“All we need Mlangeni is a vibrant communication department that will clarify your stories not to intimidate or arrest you. We must engage and respect you as a journalist, because you are doing your job. You remember when you were in exile, was in contact with you and I told you that you will come back after those who wanted you arrested, left their positions because I couldn’t understand why they used the King’s name in their ‘mafia’ game. Even on this matter of Mzwandile, I hope BakaNgwane will approach you, not to intimidate you but to give you an interview and clarify the issue. It’s as simple as that.” said the Prince.


Prince Svandzi: King never issued an order to arrest Swaziland News editor
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