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POLICE BRUTALITY: Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini donates E5000.00 to kombi conductor who was assaulted by cops.

Monday, 17th May, 2021

MBABANE: Swaziland News Managing Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini has donated E5000.00 to Sanele Shiba, the kombi conductor who was heavily assaulted by police in a trending video.

Shiba previously told this publication in an interview that after the police grabbed him during the protest, he was dragged to Manzini Police Station where he was heavily assaulted again and denied access to medical treatment.

The editor said the E5000.00 will be used by the kombi conductor to buy  medication and other necessities as he was currently away from work nursing the injuries.

“I know how it feels to be tortured by the police, they always make sure the injuries are not visible to an ordinary person so that they can easily deny them. In this case you may find that Sanele suffered internal injuries and if you are a nobody in this country, they assault you and that’s the end. He must use this money to seek medical attention and buy food as he is currently off work nursing the injuries. We condemn the harassment of public transport workers, they are important in our society and key drivers of the economy by providing means of moving from one place to another hence they must be treated with human dignity” ,said the editor.

The editor said Sanele must use the money for medical treatment as early as today(Monday) saying there was possibility that he suffered internal bleeding.

Reached for comments, Sanele Shiba thanked the editor for the donation adding that he will use the money for medical treatment and basic necessities.

“I appreciate the donation, it came at a time when I was struggling to raise funds to seek medical attention, the whole body is painful”, said the kombi conductor.

POLICE BRUTALITY: Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini donates E5000.00 to kombi conductor who was assaulted by cops.
Sanele Shiba who was assaulted by the police