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Government Spokesperson says Swazis can express their views at Imiphakatsi as protests intensify

Thursday, 3rd June, 2021

MBABANE: Sabelo Dlamini, the eSwatini Government Spokesperson said  there was freedom of speech in the country and those who felt intimidated against airing their views should appeal to the relevant forums such as their Chiefdoms. 

Speaking to the Ligwalagwala FM during the 'Letiphuma embiteni' current affairs programme, the  said the current Government was formed by the people who participated in the elections without fear and intimidation.

"This government was formed by the people who participated in the Tinkhundla elections without fear and intimidation. Each of the 59 Tinkhundla elect their own Member of Parliament (MP)  who is accountable to them and as a result we have witnessed remarkable development in the country since Independence. The right to freedom of expression is enshrined in the Constitution , government doesn't suppress the people. Those who feel intimidated against expressing their views should appeal within the relevant structures at Chiefdom level", he said.

The Government's Spokesperson further mentioned that Government was equally concerned with the mystery surrounding the death of Thabani Nkomonye, the University of Eswatini law student who allegedly died at the hands of the police adding that Government appointed a Coroner to investigate the matter.

"The Inquest is currently on going, even if  it would take months to finish but those who will be found to have killed him will face the full might of the law" , said the Government Spokesperson. 

Colani Maseko, the President of the Swaziland National Union  of Students ( SNUS) when speaking on the same programme said as the youth they were currently  networking with international organisations to intensify the struggle for democracy in Swaziland. 

"We are networking with other national organizations so we can intensify our struggle for democracy.  The youth should lead the struggle instead of swearing on social media, we are prepared to die and get arrested for the struggle.  Government is victimising the youth who are calling for democracy by denying them job opportunities after graduation, we have seen this happening to some of the  political activists before. We are calling for a democratic Government that will avail job opportunities for all, a government that will represent and recognize the youth", said the SNUS President.

The interview was attracted by the ongoing Justice  for Thabani protests  that were organized by the students under the SNUS banner, the protests have intensified into calls for democracy.

Government Spokesperson says Swazis can express their views at Imiphakatsi as protests intensify
Government Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini