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MEDIA PLURALISM: Swazi Bridge, a new online publication launched.

Sunday, 6th June, 2021

MBABANE: The Swazi Bridge, a new online publication has been launched to provide in-depth analyses on issues of public interest. 

The establishment of the publication comes at the time when eSwatini is facing a growing demand for information, media pluralism and diversity to advance the calls for democratic reforms.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Mandla Dlamini  the founder of the publication said the publication will compliment the work done by other online publications with critical commentary on important issues affecting the citizens.

“The Swazi-Bridge is a new entrant to the online media space of eSwatini. The core team consists of a small grouping of Swazi editors, writers, and media professionals. The publication firstly seeks to complement existing online media publications, such as your own Swazi News, with an online, long format, in-depth analysis, or critical commentary of important issues affecting Swazi citizens. Down the line, we aim to increase our portfolio of offerings to include video, audio, and infographic content.

We believe that a flourishing news and media landscape is an important part of a functioning society and we look forward to interacting and collaborating with others in this space”, he said.

Eswatini,  a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa is now expiriencing growing demands for democratic reforms after the emergence of online publications that provide uncensored information to the public.

MEDIA PLURALISM: Swazi Bridge, a new online publication launched.
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