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Editor writes to Limkokwing University Director Tfobile Gumede over suspended students.

Tuesday, 8th June, 2021

Dear Tfobile Gumede 

1. I am writing to express my disappointment regarding your leadership and or the manner in which your Management handled the case of suspended students.

2. Firstly, let me bring to your attention that as a parent and an administrator of an institution of higher learning you ought to have known that students behave differently and use different means to express themselves under the current oppressive regime that undermines the right to education.

3. No sane student can enroll  in a University with the sole intention of engaging in a protest action, it’s the desire for a better future. But the rough political road within the Kingdom with more potholes than smooth surfaces forced some students to protest in demand for scholarships.

4. The letter you wrote to the Students Union in response to the petition  they submitted on Friday calling for the reinstatement of their suspended colleagues  suggests that your office has been politicised and that protesting students are targeted to send a message to others not to dare demand their rights and this, I would suggest, is very unfortunate.

5.I hope you will take into account your obligation as a parent and a leader of a University to protect the Constitutional right to education and re-activate the future of these students regardless of the allegations they are facing.

6. Even though protesting in demand for your rights cannot be interpreted as misbehaving, I don’t want to believe that as the Director of Limkokwing University, you never misbehaved at school like some children and you are Director today because some teachers and Lecturers focused on building your future instead of destroying it.

7. Let me remind you that you are a leader of all the students at Limkokwing including those who are politically inclined and as such you have an obligation to mentor them to become better leaders of tomorrow. 

8. Furthermore and in conclusion, let me bring to your attention that at Limkokwing, you are leading future Prime Ministers, Ministers, Managing Directors, Businesspeople, Board members and MPs of the coming democratic Swaziland hence any decision you make is of vital public interest. Kindly reinstate the suspended students to continue with their education and adopt disciplinary measures that will make them better leaders of tomorrow.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation .


Zweli Martin Dlamini 

Swaziland News editor

Editor writes to Limkokwing University Director Tfobile Gumede over suspended students.
Limkokwing Director Tfobile Gumede