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Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni welcomes people’s petition, to advocate for democracy in Parliament.

Wednesday, 23rd June, 2021

MBABANE: Honourable Timothy Myeni, the Nkilongo Member of Parliament(MP) said people under his Constituency have made it clear through a petition that they wanted democracy particularly an elected Prime Minister.

As a result, the MP said now that the people have spoken,he  would  confidently raise  the issues in Parliament as per the petition.

Speaking on this Swaziland News audio channel when interviewed by editor Zweli Martin Dlamini, Honorable Myeni said the people of Nkilongo made it clear that they wanted a democratic Government and they gave him two weeks to submit responses.

“In the petition they raised various issues but the main ones include a demand for a democratic Government and an elected Prime Minister. They also petitioned me about the E1.7billion loan from India to build a new Parliament, they are against this loan as it pushes the country deeper into debts” he said.

The MP said the people of Nkilongo said it would have been better if the loan was to maintain roads, create job opportunities for the youth, supply drugs in hospitals and the employment of teachers among others.

“The people of Nkilongo further criticised me for declaring my support for the Tinkhundla system to gain social services for the people, they demanded that I should withdraw that statement publicly because it is the duty of the Government to provide such services. They also asked me to raise the issue of the unemployment of teachers in Parliament and that those who are employed on contract must be employed permanently” ,said the MP.

Eswatini is facing growing calls for democratic reforms with citizens delivering petitions across the country in the various Tinkhundla centres.

Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni welcomes people’s petition, to advocate for democracy in Parliament.
Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni