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Pro-democracy MP Magawugawu urges the Nation to continue delivering petitions, Police Commissioner warns protesters.

Friday, 25th June, 2021

MBABANE: Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’  Simelane, the Siphofaneni Member of Parliament(MP) has urged the Nation to ignore Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku and to continue fighting for freedom.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday, the pro-democracy MP said citizens of this country must understand that people like Themba Masuku are vigorously against these protests in demand for democracy and an elected Prime Minister because that would be the end of their political careers.

“We expect people like Themba Masuku to continue fighting the people who demand a democratic Government because to them, democracy means an end of their political careers.I will be at Siphofaneni Inkhundla waiting for the people to give me the petition that contains their demands”, said the Siphofaneni MP.

When banning the delivery of petitions and protests in the country, the Acting Prime Minister said the delivery of the petitions have been hijacked by elements seeking to influence regime change.

"In light of the above, Government has reached the decision to stop with immediate effect the delivery of petitions to Tinkhundla Centres", said the Acting Prime Minister. 

On another note, William Dlamini, the National Commissioner of Police issued a statement on Friday afternoon ahead of the mass protests warning organisers and conveners of the protests to comply with the Government's  directive.

"It is disturbing to see in social media and other electronic communication forums that there are elements who are advocating and mobilising for defiance of Government's decision" ,said the National Commissioner.

Dlamini said as police, they would work with other sister law enforcement agencies to ensure that no one contradicts the Government's decision adding that they would  be zero-tolerant and unleash the full might of the law on anyone who would be found in defiance.

King Mswati is facing political pressure to surrender power to the people who are demanding democratic reforms including an elected Prime Minister. Currently, eSwatini is not democratic, political parties are banned from participating in elections, the King appoints the Prime Minister, Ministers, a majority of Senators, Judges, Regional Administrators and all members of the various Governing Councils.

Pro-democracy MP Magawugawu urges the Nation to continue delivering petitions, Police Commissioner warns protesters.
Protestors during a delivery of a petition at Sithobelweni