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How King Mswati soldiers shot and killed University student at Nkhungu, body dumped on the road.

Friday, 2nd July, 2021

NGWENYA: “My son was brutally murdered by Government soldiers”

These were the words of Phindile Dlamini, the mother of Msimisi Mkhwanazi(24) a Bachelor of Science and Engineering student at the University of Eswatini(UNESWA) who was shot and killed by King Mswati’s soldiers at Nkhungu about two(2) kilometres away the Ngwenya(Oshoek) Border Post.

Msimisi Mkhwanazi is among the dozens of Swazis who were killed during the ongoing shooting of civilians by the police and the members of the army in the midst of protests in demand for democratic reforms.

“I am so traumatized, I was away from home when receiving the information that my son has been shot and killed by soldiers. I am told that Msimisi was among the protestors who who were blocking cars along the road as part of the protest, he was shot in the head and died on the spot. His brother who witnessed the shooting can share more details with you” she said.

It has been disclosed that after killing the University student, the soldiers vanished and his brother had to guard the dead body to make sure it was not crushed by the traffic. 

Reached for comments, Phumlani Mncina, the brother to the deceased confirmed the death of his brother, he said Msimisi was shot at the back of the head and the bullet went through, damaging even the eyes.

“I was sitting here at home watching from a distance, they were three soldiers and one police officer. When they few metres away from the protesters they opened fire and killed my brother, his body was left on the road. After shooting my brother, they chase everyone, in fact after the shooting people ran for their lives” he said.

Soldiers and the police have intensified the killing of civilians, dozens have been killed and hundreds missing. This comes after King Mswati through Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku issued a decree banning all protests demanding democratic reforms. Soldiers and the police were subsequently deployed in the rural and urban areas to shoot and kill civilians, Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku denied that there are Swazis who were killed by the security forces in the midst of the ongoing pro-democracy protests.

How King Mswati soldiers shot and killed University student at Nkhungu, body dumped on the road.
Msimisi Mkhwanazi who was shoot and killed by soldiers