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It’s Sibaya or anti-Monarchy protest on Friday, SADC Troika to get a true picture of Mswati’s political hypocrisy.

Tuesday, 13th July, 2021

King Mswati’s decision to summon the Nation to Sibaya(Cattle Byre) after banning pro-democracy protests against his government citing the COVID-19 third wave is political hypocrisy of the highest order.
But then, now that the King has summoned the Nation to Ludzidzini Palace in complete disregard of the COVID-19 regulations that were used to undermine the citizens’ Constitutional right to freedom of expression, it means that those who are calling for democratic reforms are free to attend the mass anti-Monarchy protest in Manzini on Friday, while those who support the King will go to Ludzidzini.
The eyes of the international media would be on eSwatini again on Friday, it would be a huge embarrassment for the King to unleash soldiers and the police on pro-democracy protestors while government’s trucks transport others to Ludzidzini.
Indeed, with political parties and the civil society calling for a protest that might escalate to other parts of the country, SADC Troika and King Mswati will get a true picture whether people still want the King to remain on the Throne after unleashing soldiers and the police to kill dozens of civilians.
Some political analysts have been calling for a referendum, perhaps one can confidently mention that with political parties calling for a protest march for democratic reforms and the King summoning the Nation on the same day, the numbers will surely give a true picture whether Swazis are still comfortable with an alleged serial killer sitting on the Throne.
It is very disturbing to note that King Mswati still believes he can kill dozens of Swazis and subsequently summon the Nation as if nothing has happened. 
At the time when soldiers  and the police were killing the citizens, Mswati,his children and close relatives were in a safe place, poor families whose crime was to demand a democratic government were in mourning.
After subjecting the youth to such trauma and anger, one wonders if the Monarch will survive with the current generation, this is actually an active political volcano that might erupt anytime.
The political hypocrisy of transporting poor and hungry citizens from the rural areas and to Sibaya at Ludzidzini Palace and then call those people a “Nation” that takes political decisions will no longer work because we all know that this country is ruled by a dictator.
I will not influence people not to go to Ludzidzini but one expects that those who want to participate in the mass protest in Manzini be allowed to march without any disturbance from security forces. 
It is important for Mswati to understand that the more he commits crimes against humanity by shooting civilians, one day he will leave behind all the luxury and the glittering of Palaces and be a prisoner, already he is under investigation by international human rights organizations.
In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to state that as it seems now, we are having two centres of power, we expect people to be free and exercise their Constitutional rights.
Those who support a serial killer who murdered civilians must go to Ludzidzini while those who want to see a free and democratic country will participate in a protest organised by political parties and the civil society.

It’s Sibaya or anti-Monarchy protest on Friday, SADC Troika to get a true picture of Mswati’s political hypocrisy.
King Mswati