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Top Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chinono sends condolences to eSwatini citizens as political crisis claims more lives.

Thursday, 22nd July, 2021

MBABANE: Top Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chinono has sent condolences to eSwatini citizens as the political crisis continues to claim more lives.

On Sunday, two Lomahasha citizens were brutally killed by the police for rebuking King Mswati and the number forms part of the over 70 confirmed deaths in the midst of the political crisis.

Speaking to this Swaziland News audio channel when interviewed by editor Zweli Martin Dlamini, the top investigative journalist said it was painful to see fellow Africans being oppressed in this manner.

“It feels very painful when you see your fellow African brothers and sisters being repressed under a dictatorship which does not care about ordinary people and the lives that they live”, said the journalist.

Chinono, a top African journalist who faces persecution in Zimbabwe for exposing corruption said he was arrested on the 20th July 2020 for reporting about an upcoming corruption peaceful protest and charged for allegedly inciting violence.

“They came and arrested me saying “you are inciting violence", incitement of violence is a piece of charge that is used by all repressive dictatorships across the world in order to try and silence important voices in society, voices that are enlightening people. The second time, I was arrested on the 30th November, I had exposed that President Mnangagwa’s niece who had been caught trying to smuggle gold outside Zimbabwe was going to get bail unopposed which was a corrupt arrangement that had been put in place. I was arrested again, they said “you are obstructing justice yet I was exposing corruption” ,said the investigative journalist.

Journalists both in eSwatini and Zimbabwe face persecution for reporting about corruption and holding those in power accountable, this has been condemned by various international media organisations that include the Commitee to Protect Journalists(CPJ).

Top Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chinono sends condolences to eSwatini citizens as political crisis claims more lives.
Top Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chinono