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Malindza Umphakatsi burnt in the midst of political crisis.

Wednesday, 28th July, 2021

MALINDZA: Malindza Royal Kraal(Umphakatsi) was burnt by unknown people in the midst of the political crisis in eSwatini.

Indvuna Sipho Cijwa Dlamini Dlamini when addressing the media here at Malindza Royal Kraal confirmed the incident saying it occurred in the early hours on Wednesday at around 2am. Dlamini later told this Swaziland News that the people who burned the Royal Kraal remain unknown.

“Part of the kraal was burned and we are not aware who did this, natsi sibone ngemlilo sekuhhehha nje(meaning: we just saw  the fire spreading)” ,he said.

After addressing the media at around 12noon on Wednesday, Chief Ndlondlo and other elders of the Inner Council that include the Indvuna toured around the Royal Kraal and inspected the damage. 

Eswatini is in the midst of a political crisis as citizens intensify calls for democratic reforms.The King’s Government responded by arresting over 600 citizens including pro-democracy Members of Parliament, killing dozens of civilians while over 200 were treated for gunshots wounds.

 Malindza Umphakatsi burnt in the midst of political crisis.
Malindza Royal Kraal elders inspecting the damage.