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EXPOSED: Plot to assassinate MPs Marwick Khumalo and Lutfo Dlamini after fallout with King, State agents fear Indlovukazi.

Sunday, 1st August, 2021

LOBAMBA: An order was allegedly issued by King Mswati to assassinate MPs Marwick Khumalo and Lutfo Dlamini, the two were followed by State security agents in the past three weeks.

This is contained in a highly sensitive electronic evidence obtained by the investigation unit of this Swaziland News in the midst of political tension in the country, the two powerful politicians who had a fallout with Mswati are believed to be in possession of critical information about the pillars of the country. 

The evidence exposes how members of the intelligence unit followed the two MPs with the aim of silently assassinating them in a manner that will appear as a natural death.

On or around April 2021, the investigation unit of this publication obtained another collaborative electronic evidence where army Commander Jeffery Shabalala mentioned that people who are a threat to the State are silently assassinated, he described this as a normal practice in the army.

But when asked to comment, the Army Commander told this publication that he doesn’t discuss State security issues with anyone outside security.

”I don’t talk about national security matters with anybody who doesn’t belong to the security forces, ask those who told you” said the Army Commander.

Now, it has been disclosed through the evidence that the order to kill MP Dlamini and Khumalo was long issued, however, King Mswati’s mother Ntombi Tfwala is believed to have protected MP Lutfo Dlamini, a former Enterprise Minister who climbed the political ladder after establishing close relations with the Queen Mother.

The former Minister and the Queen Mother jointly own Philani Maswati, a Charity Organization that has been  receiving donations from giant companies in the country.

“Lutfo and Marwick are actually against the system, the problem with Lutfo is that he always threatens to demand his child everytime he faces trouble with the Monarch”, details of the electronic evidence reveals in part.

Reached for comments, Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo said he was not surprised by the latest revelations saying he has been hunted for years and never had a peaceful term in Parliament.

“I am not surprised by these revelations as they have been hunting me for years, in anything that seems to shake the system, they always suspect Marwick is involved. Even in the issue of MPs Bacede, Mthandeni and Magawugawu, they accuse me of being the mastermind. My life belongs to God and if it wasn’t for him ngabe kadze ngafa ngoba solo ngiyalandzelwa(meaning: I would have long died because I am being followed”,said the MP.

It has been disclosed that another team of the State security agents allegedly followed the two MPs during the ongoing political crisis, however, their mission was not successful.

Questions were sent to King Mswati via his WhatsApp number where he was asked to comment on the allegations, however, he had not responded at the time of compiling this report. His Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini normally avoids to comment on critical articles that exposes the King.

But it appeared that some MPs were not aware that they were targets of the regime  but believed citizens were a threat to them, they subsequently held a secret meeting at the Parliament building on Thursday where a plot to buy guns to protect themselves was discussed at length.

It could not be ascertained whether MP Lutfo Dlamini was already aware of the plot kill to him at the time when he advocated that MPs must be supplied with guns to protect themselves against a threat that was selectively attributed to the citizens. Dlamini’s sentiments were supported by Manzini North MP Macford Sibandze  who emphasized that the lives of the  MPs were in serious danger.

“I understand the point made by Ndzingeni (MP Lutfo) We must also be trained so that we can know how to use the guns. Ngigcine ngiyofundziswa kutsi nawushaya ushaya njani. This is serious Bahlonishwa, even here in Parliament the people can just come in” ,said the Manzini North MP.

Efforts to reach MP Lutfo Dlamini proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report.

An independent investigation by this publication uncovered that the fallout between the King and Lutfo Dlamini dated back to 2011 when the then Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini was ordered to unleash police officers who dragged him to the Cabinet offices for questioning. Dlamini, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was allegedly questioned regarding King Mswati’s secret dealings in monies that were meant to purchase the King’s private jet.

Subsequently, Ncumbi Maziya, the  powerful member of the Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) was allegedly deployed to rig elections at Ndzingeni to kick him out of politics, Dlamini confirmed this to the now defunct Swaziland Shopping newspaper. 

But royal insiders told this publication that after Dlamini was kicked out of politics, the Queen Mother influenced his appointment into the Border Restoration Committe(BRC).

Dlamini later won elections again but was sidelined by the King for a Cabinet post, royal sources revealed that the Queen mother wanted him to take over as Prime Minister.

Lucky Lukhele, the Spokesperson of the Swaziland Solidarity Network(SSN) said such revelations should be an eye opener to Swazis including loyalists of the regime that King Mswati thinks for himself not anyone else.

“This should be a lesson even to those who are loyalists of the regime that Mswati thinks for himself, anyone else is a nobody and he can do anything to that person”, said the SSN Spokesperson.

 EXPOSED: Plot to assassinate MPs Marwick Khumalo and Lutfo Dlamini after fallout with King, State agents fear Indlovukazi.
MPs Marwick Khumalo and Lutfo Dlamini